The train wreck in Iowa fuels rumors the DNC is attempting to force a Biden/Clinton ticket on voters.

Tyler S. Farley

With the giant fiasco going on in Iowa, there is one small rumor from last week that now suddenly has a lot more credibility, as crazy as it may sound.

Last week, Hillary Clinton made some minor waves when it was  reported that she was very interested in the role of vice president on the Democratic ticket. This was interesting for several reasons, the main one being that Hillary had previously made it a point to always say she wasn’t interested in running for president, but as soon as the vice presidency was asked about, she immediately had her surrogates telegraph her interest.

But would Hillary really be happy playing second fiddle? With her well known ego, would she allow herself to be the vice president? My guess is probably not, but what if the vice presidency wasn’t her real end game, and it was instead the presidency?  This was the rumor going around last week and strange happenings in Iowa over the last few days are making it seem much more plausible.

The rumor was that the DNC would force through a Biden/Clinton ticket via a rigged primary. Of course with Biden being a well known loyal stooge, it was believed he would be happy to step aside for “medical” reasons, thus making Hillary the president. This is all speculation, but this was the rumored plan as a backdoor way to get Hillary back on the top of the ticket and into the White House.

It all sounds a little crazy, that is until this weekend and Monday’s caucuses played out.

First it was the unprecedented event that happened on Sunday when the much anticipated Des Moines Register poll was not released. The reason given was that some of the questions were not complete, and the poll results would therefore not be released. Many speculated it was because the poll made Biden look bad.

But then we had Monday’s caucus. Once again an unprecedented event where the results were delayed and then not even released due to “quality control”. Not only that, it was revealed that the company tasked with handling the voting, aptly named Shadow, has ties to the DNC, former Hillary Clinton staffers, and candidate Pete Butigieg.

Any of these incidents alone could be chalked up as mere incompetence or a random occurrence. But together, they seem to outline a very overt and overreaching attempt by the DNC to place Biden as the nominee at any cost.

This is what has made last weeks rumor about a Biden/Clinton ticket as a backdoor way to get Clinton into the White House seem much more likely despite how bizarre it sounds on the surface.

Of course, this is all speculation and rumor at this point and I make no claims otherwise. However, it is now a widely known and accepted fact that the DNC rigged the 2016 primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. So to believe that an even more bizarre scheme is being cooked up is not that far outside the realm of possibility. In fact, one would be remiss if they didn’t suspect such a thing, as those responsible for the 2016 rigging were never really held responsible. And many of the same players are still involved in 2020.

But what could derail this whole plan is how bad Biden appears to be doing. If he is doing so poorly that the DNC is being forced to withhold polling and even caucus results, it may be impossible for them to continue with this charade. If that’s the case, the entire Democratic primary may now be thrown into even more chaos than it already is.

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