The current mainstream media narrative (propaganda): Government is the victim. Censorship is good.

Tyler S. Farley

The current state of affairs we are all living in has been absurd for so long that many things about it aren’t even noticed anymore.

Perhaps some would call this fate “normalization”, while others may see it simply as the Overton window shifting drastically to one direction.

Either way, the current mainstream and establishment media narrative is beyond ridiculous.

For starters, most of what is published now is based on the idea that the government is somehow the victim. Yes, you may not even realize it, but the press has spent the last 3 years portraying the most powerful government in the world as the victim.

It started with the farcical January 6th hearings where lawmakers breathlessly claimed democracy itself was under attack.

No, democracy was not under attack. But such phrasing helps to portray the government as the victim.

But really, does the power that controls law enforcement, the judicial system, and the prison system get to claim to be the victim in any situation?

Of course not, it’s absurd.

This continued right up until the mid-terms when Paul Pelosi (wife of former speaker Nancy Pelosi) and his male “friend” got into a lover’s spat while drunk in their underwear. The media and the Biden administration portrayed this once again as an attack on democracy.

As you can see, they again tried to portray the government and government officials as victims. A totally absurd proposition considering government officials and their families are some of the most powerful and privileged people in the world.

But it gets worse. The mainstream media has also started parroting that censorship is not only good, but also that it’s essential.

I never in my lifetime ever thought the press would be championing censorship.  Yet, here we are.

Ever since Elon musk took over Twitter, the support for censorship by the media has reached a fever pitch.

The media and their ideological partners in corporate America have even threatened to boycott Twitter because it may allow opinions other than their own on the platform.

You would think a properly functioning media would attack these corporations for being against free speech. But instead, they support them and join the chorus of anti-free speech crusaders.

It’s all almost impossible to believe. But due to the normalization of the clown world we live in, people barely even notice any of this.

It’s truly a sad commentary on how far our society has fallen. The media, which should be a thorn in the side of the establishment, instead portrays that same establishment as the victim in need of constant protection via censorship, secret FBI raids, and imprisonment of dissenters without trial.

What a strange world indeed.

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