Former CDC Director Robert Redfield says bird flu will be the “Great Pandemic”. Says within months it could be engineered for human-to-human transmission

Tyler S. Farley

Is this going to be the election surprise we’re all afraid of?

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield told NewsNation that he believes the current bird flu outbreak in cattle will be the next “Great Pandemic”.

During the interview, he also suggested that dangerous gain-of-function research will cause the bird flu outbreak to spread to humans.

It almost seems Redfield knows what’s coming but can’t quite say it out loud.

While explaining the current bird flu outbreak in cattle, he ominously said, “In a lab…..I could make it (bird flu) highly infectious for humans in months.”

For context, Robert Redfield was an early proponent of the lab leak theory and claims to have been sidelined by the CDC for his beliefs and criticism about the origin of covid.

You can watch the full interview below, but it seems Redfield is trying to tell us something.