Was monkeypox intentionally released in gay communities around the world? The worldwide cases seem artificial.

Tyler S. Farley

To begin, this is all going to be speculation, simply because nobody really knows what’s going on right now with monkeypox and the sudden uptick in cases in countries around the world. It’s very likely nothing at all, but after Covid-19, there is reason to pay close attention.

I won’t go into the details here, but there are many theories that the origins of HIV were related to secret testing of various viruses on the gay community in the late 70’s and 80’s. This is a giant rabbit hole, and of course one the mainstream media has ignored. But there is evidence that HIV was either accidentally or intentionally released during experiments on gay populations without their knowledge.

Of course, this is reminiscent of the very current debate over the lab leak theory, which is all very similar to the origins of HIV. The difference being, in the 70’s and 80’s, information moved very slowly and it was easier to promote a “natural origin” story without any push back. If HIV first emerged in modern times, the origins would be much more in question.

So moving back to the current monkeypox situation, what’s strange is how it appeared in so many international cities within days. Way faster than would happen if by normal travel due to the long incubation period. Not only that, medical experts involved in these cases say a common thread is that the patients all have had sex with other men. Normally, monkeypox is not considered to be a virus that primarily infects gay men. So it’s very strange that in cities across the world, gay men seem to be the initial patients who got infected.

As I said, this is all speculation, but the sudden outbreak in cities across the world, all within a few days, and mostly among gay men, makes one have to assume there is a connection.

It’s fair to ask if some agency or state intentionally released this into gay communities in cities around the world. Possibly as a test run, or possibly as an actual attack.

Due to the long incubation of monkeypox, it may take weeks until we know if this is just a blip or will expand and cases will increase. But as it stands now, the evidence suggests this didn’t occur totally organically.

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