With Michael Isikoff now writing about the Seth Rich case, a reminder that Isikoff was a central player in two of America’s biggest disinformation campaigns – WMDs and Russiagate.

Tyler S. Farley

Long time establishment hack and CIA mouthpiece Michael Isikoff was back at it again today. This time, peddling disinformation about Seth Rich in a Yahoo news story that surprisingly got a lot of traction by other media outlets. I say “surprising” because the media has shown no interest in Seth Rich’s unsolved murder, but now suddenly they propagate a totally fabricated story Isikoff wrote that claims questions about Rich’s murder were the result of Russian agents pushing a fake story and nothing else.

Of course, the very nature of Isikoff’s story makes no sense. Seth Rich’s murder attracted suspicion and intrigue because it was an unsolved murder. By definition an unsolved murder invites intrigue, that’s the nature of an unsolved crime. So for Isikoff to imply that the only reason Americans were suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Seth Rich’s murder was because of Russian internet posts is absurd.

But beyond even that, let’s take a look at Isikoff’s terrible record of disinformation and how he was involved in two incidents – WMDs in Iraq and the Steele Dossier backed Russia hoax, both of which have now ruined the reputation of the mainstream media and Isikoff was right in the middle of both of them.

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As author Matt Taibbi has written, Russiagate is this generation’s WMDs. What he means is that Russiagate is yet another deep state backed disinformation campaign that used mouthpieces in the media to promote their agenda of lies. And Michael Isikoff was at the center of both of these now exposed propaganda disinformation campaigns.

As Matt Taibbi reported:

Perhaps worst of all was the episode involving Yahoo! reporter Michael Isikoff. He had already been part of one strange tale: the FBI double-dipping when it sought a FISA warrant to conduct secret surveillance of Carter Page, the would-be mastermind who was supposed to have brokered a deal with oligarch Sechin.

In its FISA application, the FBI included both the unconfirmed Steele report and Isikoff’s September 23, 2016 Yahoo! story, “U.S. Intel Officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.” The Isikoff story, which claimed Page had met with “high ranking sanctioned officials” in Russia, had relied upon Steele as an unnamed source.

This was similar to a laundering technique used in the WMD episode called “stove-piping,” i.e. officials using the press to “confirm” information the officials themselves fed the reporter.

So here we have Michael Isikoff being involved in the same type of disinformation campaigns during the two largest propaganda efforts across two generations.

Isikoff was proven to be nothing more than a deep state mouthpiece during the selling of the Iraq war. He did zero actual reporting and only parroted what his handlers told him to write. This is fact. And then we have him doing the same thing with the completely discredited Steele Dossier. Isikoff wrote what his handlers told him to write about the Steele Dossier, then his handlers used that reporting to obtain an illegal FISA warrant.

So now today we have Isikoff putting out yet another disinformation piece regarding Seth Rich. And this was no random filler piece by Isikoff, it was another carefully crafted piece of propaganda, just like his efforts on WMD and the Steel Dossier. It was also part of a coordinated effort as many other news outlets immediately picked up the story despite the media ignoring Seth Rich’s murder for years.

So the real question is this. We already know Isikoff is an establishment mouthpiece, not a reporter. This is a confirmed fact. So why has the deep state suddenly called upon Isikoff to start writing about the Seth Rich murder? Considering his past involvement with the two biggest scandals in American history, it’s safe to say something big may coming soon and Isikoff and his handlers are trying to get ahead of it.

Things are about to get interesting.

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