Will the Democrats try to impeach in 2019?

Tyler S. Farley

With the newly elected Democratic majority set to take over the House, we have to think about whether or not they plan on launching a pointless impeachment proceeding against President Trump as one of their first orders of business.

Most pundits seem to believe that since an impeachment will not make it through the Republican held Senate, that Democrats won’t bother setting themselves up to fail as it makes no political sense to do so. However, that would be plausible if the Democratic party was functioning normally, and anyone who has been observing the Democratic party for the last two years knows this is not the case.

I’m not just talking about policy, but the actual party itself is completely out of control. Even after losing in 2016, there was no post-election soul searching and no re-tooling of their platform to better address the needs of the voters they had lost. Instead, they doubled down on bizarre platform ideologies such as gender identity and totally open borders.

This is all because the Democratic party has been hijacked by a vocal but small far-left group within the party and their allies in the media who parrot their message. This far-left group and ideology is what’s currently steering the party, not the center and more moderate members of the party.

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This is so true that even California Governor Jerry Brown has said the Democratic party has moved too far to the left. There is no doubt that if Jerry Brown says you are too left, you are definitely way out there into far-left loony land.

Another fact is the entire party is at a stand still waiting to hear if Beto O’Rourke is going to run as their candidate in 2020. Once again this shows that the party is being controlled by a far-left minority and not functioning properly politically as O’Rourke should not be holding up the entire party.

So with that being said, it would not surprise me at all if the Democrats start impeachment proceedings early next year.

My prediction would be that they are going to wait for the release of the Mueller investigation which has been reported to be coming out around mid-February.

Armed with this information, which they probably already have access to, Democrats will begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. They will say they have no other choice and that waiting for the election of 2020 is simply not an option. They will claim the country itself is at risk of being ruined if they don’t act now. That will be their justification.

Of course, this will all be theater. They know when the impeachment is presented to the Senate, it will be shot down. But I believe the vocal minority controlling the Democrats believe it will still be a victory.

The Democrats will be banking on impeachment proceedings basically shutting down the government, preventing Trump from accomplishing his policy goals going into 2020. Democrats will also be hoping that an impeachment fight will frighten financial markets, causing them to stagnate or fall, and possibly effecting the economy. All things that can hurt Trump in 2020.

Of course, conventional wisdom does not see an impeachment playing out like that. Instead, a failed impeachment will be most likely seen as a political stunt in the eyes of independent voters. Not only that, Trump’s solid base will become even more energized in 2020 after an impeachment attempt.

But as I said earlier, the current Democratic party is not conventional or wise at this point. They are being led by a far-left minority which seems to have thrown all common sense out the window. So if I had to bet in this situation, I would say to get ready for impeachment talk soon after the Mueller report is released.

But Trump is not without ammunition to fight back. He has openly said that if he is attacked, he will declassify many documents related to the Steele Dossier and the tainted Mueller investigation. Trump has a lot of power in that regard since as we’ve seen, there are countless instances of bias and corruption in the FBI when it came to the Mueller investigation and how it started. And that’s just what the FBI has released. I can only imagine that what has been redacted or not released is much worse for the Democrats and the FBI than what we have already seen.

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