Just as the ammunition shortage starts to fade away, the Biden administration bans all Russian ammo importation. Some ammo prices surge 30% on the news.

Tyler S. Farley

The election and pandemic inspired ammo shortage was starting to ease up in recent weeks.

Manufacturers such as Remington and others were working at full capacity to meet demand and help to reduce prices which had peaked at over .60 cents per round for popular calibers such as 9mm.

However, that is all coming to a halt as the Biden administrations has just issued a ban on all Russian ammunition starting September 7th.

For those unaware, much of the low-cost ammo used by shooters in America comes from Russia. This Russian ammo helps round out the supply and helps to moderate prices.

Without this Russian ammo to act as a counterbalance, prices are set to spike again in America, and supplies will once again dry up.

For one popular caliber of ammo, 7.62×39 went from around .28 cents per round online to .40 cents per round after the announcement according to the popular industry website The Firearm Blog.

According to the Biden administration, these new sanctions are a retaliation against Russia for their part in the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, which happened over a year ago.

It seems much more likely the move was instead to continue the ammo shortage and keep prices high here in America. One look at the prices after the announcement and it’s clear that was the intended reason.

One of the goals of the anti-gun movement is to make the shooting sports too expensive to participate in. Either through expensive or complicated licensing or simply high ammo prices, if the cost to shoot is too high for most Americans, they will leave the sport and the gun industry will slowly die off.

The gun industry and the pro-gun lobby in America is kept alive due to people participating in the shooting sports as a hobby. As these people are priced out, the industry grows weaker and so does the pro-gun lobby.

That’s the intended goal of this latest sanction by the Biden administration. To keep the cost of ammo high so millions of people simply give up their hobby of target shooting. The goal is to slowly kill of the industry and starve it of revenue so it can be more easily toppled.