So four Capitol Police officers commit suicide and the FBI is backing away from their claims of an “insurrection”. Sounds like someone is cleaning up after a botched false flag.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s becoming clear that something far more sinister happened on January 6th than just some random people vandalizing a few areas of the Capitol building.

In the few months since the protests in January, an unprecedented 4 Capitol Police officers committed suicide. This is unheard of for a police force of this size to have so many suicides in the span of just a few months, yet the media seems uninterested.

On top of that, we have the bizarre story of Officer Brian Sicknick and the way that he died. At first, the media and even the Capitol Police reported that he had died after being beaten with a fire extinguisher by Trump supporters. They even supplied photos of someone wielding the fire extinguisher, supposedly moments before the beating took place.

But it was a lie. He was never beaten with a fire extinguisher and the story was later retracted by all sources. It turns out he died of natural causes and was not physically beaten at all.

So of course, if the story was admitted to be fake, how did they have a photo of the beating before it supposedly took place when in fact, it never took place at all. Was the photo even real if the event they said it depicts never happened?

But now, even the FBI is backing away from their earlier claims of an “insurrection” that was planned well in advance, possibly even involving the president.

Just like the fire extinguisher beating that never happened, the FBI has now admitted there was no planned insurrection, and the president had no involvement in whatever happened.

So as you can see, there is a clear pattern here. The media and the FBI started out with coordinated and salacious claims of a far reaching conspiracy by Trump supporters to violently take over the government on January 6th. But then after 4 Capitol Police officers who were present on January 6th mysteriously commit suicide and the story of a beaten officer falls apart, the FBI and the media are now backing away from all it.

To the astute observer, the most logical explanation for all of this based on past experience with collusion between the media and the FBI would suggest they had something much larger in mind planned, but it fell apart.

It’s very likely there was a much larger false-flag or “sting” operation in place by the FBI for January 6th involving FBI paid informants, similar to the fake “kidnapping” plot of the Michigan governor.

Perhaps it was some sort of bombing plot that was suppose to take place as the votes were counted. We all remember there were conflicting reports of explosives being found on that day, but those were quickly retracted after the days events fully unfolded.

So was there a false flag attack planned on January 6th that was suppose to be pinned on Trump supporters? Did Trump’s call for large crowds foil the plot because if the false flag was carried out, the idea of Trump supporters bombing other Trump supporters would make no sense. Therefore the FBI had to abandon their plan and switch to the new plan that we saw where the Capitol Police let protestors into the Capitol to create a frenzied situation that could then be called an “insurrection”.

Of course, this is all speculation. But clearly the original narrative has now fallen completely apart, and those that perpetrated the false narrative are admitting as much and trying to completely back away from their original story.

Whatever the truth is, it will come out. It will take time but slowly more facts will drip out as they already have. But it’s safe to say there was something far more sinister at play on January 6th, and we are only now starting to get a glimpse into what it really was.