The pharmaceutical companies have taken charge of the pandemic. Now ask yourself when was the last time big pharma actually eradicated any disease?

Tyler S. Farley

With the sham FDA approval now given to Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine, it seems clear that the pharmaceutical companies are firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to where the pandemic response is headed.

With full FDA approval that normally takes 5-7 years to complete all long-term trials, the covid vaccines are getting approved in one year, despite being a totally new technology that has never been used before.

Think about that for a moment, a totally new gene manipulation therapy was approved in one year yet some random prescription cream for athlete’s foot still needs to go through the full 7 year process to be deemed “safe”.

So as you can see, it’s all a sham at this point. But worse than that, the events of this week point to something even more troubling that doesn’t bode well for those hoping this pandemic simply fades away anytime soon.

It’s clear now that the pharmaceutical companies are running the show. They control the FDA, and they seem to control the White House as well. President Biden can’t go 5 minutes without talking about vaccines and telling Americans to get vaccinated early and often.

Even when he holds a press conference for the current shambles in Afghanistan, he mostly talks about vaccines and how Americans need to get vaccinated. He’s become a full time shill for the pharmaceutical companies even as his own foreign policy burns to the ground.

But here’s the big problem with all this. Ask yourself when was the last time the pharmaceutical industry eradicated any disease? Yeah, it’s been a while, probably before you were even born depending on how old you are. And we all know that the modern pharmaceutical industry is nothing like the old days.

Here’s the thing, big pharma is big business. They make money by managing disease, not be eradicating it. To eradicate a disease means they eradicate themselves. So instead they focus on drugs that allow them to manage a disease for the entire lifespan of their average “customer”.

For example, there’s no point to cure diabetes when it comes to big pharma. A cure means you only get a one-time payment from your customer. Instead, you focus on “managing” it, so it never goes away, and you have a customer for life. That’s a much better business model.

Sadly, the pandemic is looking to be exactly the same. With big pharma now firmly in control, the are looking to “manage” this virus for as long as they can, possibly forever.

Their main objective now is to offer vaccines which keep your symptoms low so you can live, but you still spread the virus and keep it alive as well. This allows for a never-ending loop of new variants and therefore new vaccines.

None of this is speculation either. Pfizer was working on their covid “booster” shot before the original vaccine had even been fully rolled out to the general public. Proof that this has been their plan all along.

So with the FDA approval this week, there is another bit of news that goes along with it. That news is the fact that big pharma is now running the show, and we all know what that means.