From fake presidential sets to vaccine cover-ups, the establishment narrative is unsustainable. Here’s what may come next.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the current mainstream narrative on topics such as covid and the vaccines simply cannot be sustained for too much longer.

Much of what the establishment has told the public is now easily debunked. Early on the media and officials could obfuscate and deflect, but now after two years there is simply too much on record that can easily be used to show the obvious contradictions.

But as the establishment loses control of the narrative, what are their options to regain control?

Below are the three possible options.

Reverse position: When it comes to vaccines, this is looking like a very possible option. We wrote about the vaccine rug-pull theory here and that sums up what such a reversal would look like.

Essentially, the media and health officials would reverse course and slowly declare the vaccine is not effective and also possibly dangerous. They’ll use the “we’re all in this together” line to try to make it seem like they’re just as confused and shocked as you are to learn that after forcing the vaccine on everybody, they now tell you it’s dangerous.

The goal here would be to create chaos, and of course change the narrative and begin building a new public delusion to focus on.

New emergency: In this scenario, the establishment will simply drop the pandemic as their main talking point and transition to some other “emergency” that the public needs to fight over constantly.

There’s no telling what this new invented threat may be. Some have speculated that it might be something totally bizarre, like a fake revelation that contact with aliens has been established. While others believe it will be something from the playbook that’s already been used, like some sort of war posturing or a new pandemic.

Either way, turning the entire focus of the public on a dime is not something that is even that difficult in the modern era of big tech and social media manipulation. So within a very short period of time, the public could easily be tricked into focusing on the next shiny object the establishment holds in front of us.

As I’m sure you remember, the threat of “Russian interference” and Russia-gate dominated the headlines before the pivot to covid. A similar about-face could easily happen again.

Use of force: This option has happened throughout history. When the establishment loses control of the narrative and their media puppets are no longer effective, usually the use of force is the next option.

Force in this case can be anything ranging from increased censorship and scare-tactics by government agencies like the FBI, to actual force where those who speak out are jailed or persecuted.

As mentioned earlier, this outcome is very common and we see it everywhere in the world, even today. Places like Hong Kong are experiencing this exertion of force right by the CCP as news outlets are being raided and their workers jailed.

So those are the three most likely options as the establishment power structure slowly loses control of the narrative around the pandemic, vaccines, and the seeming collapse of major cities around the country.

Whatever we see in the future, it doesn’t look like we’ll have long to wait. It seems more people are waking up everyday and questioning what they’ve been told over the past several years. It’s only a matter of time before that reaches a critical tipping point.


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