Why Mueller’s testimony will tell us if the Democrats are grasping at straws, or if there is an orchestrated effort underway to maintain the Russia narrative for months to come.

Tyler S. Farley

One very important question will be answered on July 17th when Robert Mueller testifies before congress. That’s the question of whether or not Democrats are simply grasping at straws or if there is a long-term plan in place among Democrats, Mueller, and others to keep the Russia investigation going for months to come and most likely into 2020.

On the surface, it makes no logical or legal sense to have Mueller testify and answer questions about his now public report. He is not allowed to speak about much of it due to the legal constraints of his role as Special Prosecutor, and anything he can add is mostly going to favor those who believe the whole investigation was a witchhunt. For example, at what point did Mueller know there was no collusion and why did he continue to spend money and time for so long after that point.

So the real test is going to be if Mueller’s testimony blows up in the face of Democrats. Assuming there is no underlying plan underway, that’s exactly what should happen.

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As I’ve written before on this site, Mueller will be unable to add anything to what is already in the report. If he does, he is basically admitting his report and investigation was incomplete, something he doesn’t want to do. So he will add very little if anything as far as substance to the record.

But then comes the next possibility, that Mueller delivers a few juicy sound-bites or nuggets that Democrats and the media seize upon to keep the Russian hoax alive. If this happens, then Democrats and Mueller are colluding to keep this whole Russian hoax narrative alive for longer. Most likely this will come in the form of ambiguous answers that the media will try to portray as Mueller suggesting Trump is guilty of various crimes.

So come July 17th, we will learn a lot about how much more of this Russian nonsense we will have to endure. If the event blows up in the faces of Democrats as it should, then we will hopefully start to put this behind us. However, if Mueller delivers some vague and ambiguous innuendos that set the media on fire again about the Russia narrative, it means the Democrats are not yet done playing their cards in regards to Mueller and the Russia witchhunt.

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