Trump will be arrested. The plotters behind the unlawful FBI raid are deciding whether to do it before the midterms or after.

Tyler S. Farley

This site famously predicted the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home more than 8 months before it happened.

The reason we were so confident was based on the simple fact that the establishment cannot let Trump run again. They know he won in 2020, and they will not be able to manufacture enough fraudulent ballots to do it again in 2024.

As we’ve also written about here several times, if the Democrats and the establishment truly believed that Biden easily beat Trump in 2020, they wouldn’t be afraid of him. Not only that, they wouldn’t even mention his name anymore as doing so would just give him an opening to mount a comeback.

It’s completely unprecedented for one political candidate to beat another by 10 million votes, then constantly talk about that candidate they just beat as a “threat” for years after the election was over.

The obvious explanation is that Biden knows he didn’t beat Trump by 10 million votes.

So, this all brings us to the inevitable arrest of Trump. Yes, it is inevitable, and will likely happen very soon. It’s the only option they have left.

Currently, the plotters behind the raid are trying to decide if they should arrest Trump before or after the midterm elections. That’s the only hang up.

Their calculus goes like this. If pro-Trump candidates are polling well over the next several weeks, they may have to indict and arrest Trump before the midterms. This will likely squelch his campaigning power, something that has been shown to be very powerful for Republican candidates.

When Trump campaigns for a candidate, that candidate gets a sizable boost. Not to mention, Trump’s rallies are a huge event.

Those inside the DOJ and FBI hope that if they arrest Trump, candidates will not want to appear with him, and they will lose support in the process.

However, the anti-Trump officials behind this plot would rather wait until after the midterms and make the arrest more of a “death blow” to Trump’s presidential aspirations. Think of it as the ultimate “October Surprise”.

They are also worried if they arrest Trump too soon, he has time to recover and even reverse the events in his favor, as he did with the FBI raid.

But the DOJ doesn’t want to risk a red wave in November, so they may act earlier. Their dream scenario is that Democrats hold on to the House and Senate, then they arrest Trump before the presidential election season kicks off or soon after.

But we all know how the best laid plans often go awry.  An arrest of Trump could very well backfire. It would not only enrage and solidify his base more than ever, those in the middle may find an arrest of a former president a step too far.

Trump would become a sympathetic figure, something you already see happening after the raid.

So sadly, an indictment and arrest of Trump is inevitable, just as we wrote over 8 months ago. The only delay is that the plotters don’t know whether to act before the midterms, or wait until after.

This is completely uncharted territory, and there’s no telling how an American public will respond to the arrest of an American president on flimsy charges of procedural crimes.

So whether they decide to arrest now or wait until later, they could end up with a losing hand no matter what.

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