There is likely already a plot to indict and perp-walk Trump at the start of the 2024 election season. They’ll do it just like they did to Roger Stone.

Tyler S. Farley

The ongoing dog and pony show known as the January 6th committee has nothing at all to do with protecting democracy or whatever other claims and justifications may have been made for its existence.

Instead, the real reason is part of a long-game plan to derail Trump’s 2024 presidential run.

From the moment establishment Democrats seized power via shady mail-in balloting, they knew Trump would return in 2024. They knew what the real vote totals were, and they know Trump would easily win in 2024 in a fair election.

That’s why there’s been such a bizarre fascination with Trump by Congress despite him not even being a politician anymore. They know they have to get rid of him before 2024, just like they tried to do in 2020.

Yes, if you remember the whole Russia-gate fiasco which now seems like a lifetime ago, you already know their playbook. A long-running, covert smear campaign which involves the media, the FBI, big tech, and the government. All conspiring to create an “insurance policy” to derail Trump.

It’s all been exposed. They did it once, and trust me, they are going to do it again.

This time they don’t want to even get close to November 2024. Well before then they plan on implementing their operation and putting it into full swing.

The plan is simple. They will indict Trump on phony charges, with the help of the FBI, similar to what they did to Roger Stone.

They want to perp-walk him, on camera from every angle so they can play that footage 24/7 for the entire duration of the 2024 election cycle.

Most likely, the Feds will raid his Mar-a-Lago residence early in the morning, just like they did to Roger Stone. They will want to catch him off guard, and hopefully disheveled looking for the cameras as they raid him before the sun even rises.

It will all be for the TV cameras, with the news having been magically been tipped off on the raid, just like CNN was tipped off on the Roger Stone raid so they could catch it on camera.

Trump will be out in less than a few hours, but the media and the FBI will have what they wanted. They’ll be able to talk every single day for the entire year about Trump’s indictment while showing him being arrested. The same way they talked about Russia-gate everyday until it was finally proven false beyond any doubt.

Yes, this is their plan. It’s all too obvious and as I wrote earlier, they’ve already done everything I’ve outlined before. The fake raids, the phony FBI charges, the fake indictments, the media’s complicit lying. It’s all been done before, and they have no choice but to do it again.


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