Mass Conservative deplatforming will start in mid 2020. Any sooner and those displaced would have time to regroup.

Tyler S. Farley

With the now permanent “quarantine” of the popular sub-Reddit The_Donald which acts as the epicenter forĀ  Trump supporters online, we need to take a serious look what the next move will be to silence Conservatives.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, there is almost no chance that any popular platform supporting Donald Trump will be allowed to stand as we get closer to the election.

The previous bans, censorship, and manipulation was most likely just to prepare the public for the coming outcries of censorship from Trump supporters once the real banning sweeps over social media.

Also, if the tech giants were to start mass banning channels and forums now, there would be ample time for supporters to regroup in other locations. Not only that, they would be even more energized than before.

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But instead, I anticipate the mass bannings across social media to start to happen around mid 2020. It will be a coordinated effort, one that has most likely already been planned by tech companies and their allies in the mainstream media.

Most likely it will play out exactly the same was Alex Jones was deplatformed. You can almost look at that as a trial run, and one that worked to perfection.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Reddit will contact their allies in the mainstream media ahead of the ban wave. The reason is so the media can report immediately on WHY the ban wave happened, instead of allowing the public to speculate. This is exactly what happened to Alex Jones. Several mainstream reporters and news sites were given advanced notice of his banning and the reasons why. That way, they could report on why it happened immediately as the news broke. By doing this it provides cover and sets the narrative that it was all justified.

Popular YouTube channels and sub-Reddits will be banned the exact same way come 2020. A list of violations will be drawn up and compiled going back years. Most of them taken out of context, but none of that will matter. YouTubers will have videos or interviews brought up from years ago, and soundbites taken to implicate their wrong speak.

The bannings will come swiftly and all at once, for if you leave a channel or forum in place, it will grow even stronger as displaced users flock there. So they all have to be knocked down at the same time.

The fear of losing their own channels will force moderate YouTubers and forums into submission. They won’t dare speak a word about it and risk the same fate.

That’s the most likely way this whole thing plays out. Just look at what happened to Alex Jones and you can discover their playbook.

I hope I’m wrong about all of this, but 2020 is going to make 2016 look tame in comparison. Based on what we’ve seen over the past two years, there is almost no chance the 2020 election will be allowed to play out fairly.

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