With the lockdowns now proven ineffective, how does the media explain that they labeled anti-lockdown sentiment as “Russian misinformation”?

Tyler S. Farley

Even though it was obvious the lockdowns most likely weren’t working and were causing immeasurable short and long term harm, it has now been confirmed.

A recent study by John Hopkins University shows that overall the lockdowns reduced covid cases by just .02%. So essentially they were worthless.

Of course, anyone with common sense knew that. But now that it’s proven, it brings up an interesting culpability for the mainstream media.

As I’m sure you remember, over the course of the pandemic the media labeled just about everything that went against the official covid narrative as “Russian misinformation”.

They claimed anti-masks and anti-lockdown protests were driven by Russian troll farms and disinformation agents on Facebook.

But now that the lockdowns are proven to have been totally ineffective, that leaves only two options.

Either the media lied once again with zero proof, or the Russian disinformation agents are actually the good guys and were trying to warn us all along.

Of course, the former is most likely true, but mostly since the whole idea of Russian disinformation agents is overwhelmingly a myth created by the media.

The real story here is the media was simply making it all up. They had zero proof of any Russian troll farms pushing the anti-mask and anti-lockdown sentiment, yet they reported it anyway.

The truth is, the anti-lockdown sentiment was 100% homegrown and authentic. It was fueled by common sense Americans who were right all along.

But it wasn’t just the lockdowns, the media even tried to claim early on that the lab leak theory was also Russian disinformation agents.

It wasn’t just America either. The media in most European countries used the same fake news tactics. In Germany, they also claimed that anti-lockdown protests were being fueled by Russia.

It’s just another example of the terrible state of the American and even the global news media. They outright lie to protect establishment narratives. But what’s more worrying is the audacity of those lies. It’s as if the media wants you to know they’re lying to you in order to demoralize you and make you feel as though you’re going crazy.

Don’t fall for it. If you pushed back against the official covid narratives and lockdowns, you were right all along. You most likely paid a price for your beliefs as well. Many who questioned the official narrative were attacked and accused of terrible things. But you stood your ground, and you should be proud.


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