October Shock: China blockades Taiwan. Russia declares all-out-war in Ukraine. Trump indicted. Euro-energy shortage. Oh yeah, and U.S. midterms.

Tyler S. Farley

October is shaping up to be the month where everything that’s been brewing starts to boil over into a complete global calamity.

So let’s take a look at everything that is on the precipice.

China blockades Taiwan – This seems inevitable at this point, and for some reason, top U.S. officials like Nancy Pelosi and even Joe Biden are actively egging on China to act.

It’s pretty clear the U.S. secret policy is to either play a dangerous game of chicken with China or straight up goad them into war.

October has always been a target for China’s military when it comes to setting up a blockade of Taiwan. The seas and weather are most favorable at that time, and only one other time in the spring is equally advantageous.

Combined with the rumblings in Washington and Xi’s recent and unprecedented trip outside the country to meet with Putin, something is clearly about to go down.

Also of note, most of the public believes that China needs to “invade” Taiwan, but that’s simply not true. All China needs to do is blockade Taiwan, which will force them to the table.

Russia declares all-out-war – This one also seems invertible. So much so that Putin was scheduled to make a national address today, but postponed it for 24 hours.

This could possibly mean there are behind the scenes negotiations taking place. It could also just be a typical head-fake from Putin who is famous for such confusion tactics.

Up until now, Russia has maintained that what it’s doing in Ukraine is just a special military operation, not war. But it seems Putin now wants to openly call it a war and mobilize the entire nation for the effort.

As Europe enters the winter, this will put immense pressure on NATO and European countries as energy flows are compromised.

There is no doubt that Xi and Putin discussed this exact escalation when they met just a week ago.

Euro energy crisis – Europe is already in an energy crisis, with talks of the government paying for everyone’s energy bills just to get through the winter.

Citizens are already seeing triple digit increases in energy bills and it’s not even winter yet. With an escalation in the war between Russia and Ukraine, this could all explode within weeks as colder temperatures set in.

Trump indictment – We predicted the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate eight months before it happened. We are also predicting an indictment of Trump on phony charges to come at some point.

As we wrote earlier, the DOJ is just deciding on whether to do it before the midterms or after. With inflation still rising and the economy collapsing, the highly politicized DOJ may feel they need to arrest Trump before the midterms to stop a so-called “red wave”.

This one is still up in the air, but could easily upend an already destabilizing month of October.

U.S. midterms – With everything else going on, we also have an explosive midterm election with both sides seemingly equally energized.

Of course, the specter of election fraud still looms large, so no doubt allegations of election stealing will be a hot topic and could lead to troubles on or after the elections.

Conclusion – None of what has been posted above is a conspiracy or far-fetched. In fact, most of it has already begun.

The real story is how it will all come together in what is shaping up to be the most explosive month in recent memory.

How the world reacts to it all is a different question entirely.

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