World leaders keep warning citizens about upcoming hard times and “sacrifice” for the greater good. This is exactly how they sold the lockdowns, but this time it will be to implement rationing of food and energy.

Tyler S. Farley

France’s Emmanuel Macron was the latest world leader join the chorus of politicians telling their citizens that the good times are over, and it’s time to sacrifice “for the greater good”.

Macron starkly said that we are entering a time that marks “the end of abundance. News outlet France 24 described Macron’s speech like this.

The speech appeared designed to prepare the country for what promises to be a difficult winter ahead, with energy prices rising sharply and many families struggling with inflation.

So basically, world leaders crashed the economy and energy markets, and now they want their citizens to get ready to pay the price while leaders like Macron continue to fly around on private jets and dine at luxurious restaurants.

In America, Joe Biden has told Americans the same thing for months now.

As gas prices hit record highs in America, Biden told Americans that the sacrifice and economic suffering was worth it as we are undergoing a “remarkable transformation” to green energy.

But soon, Biden changed his tune and said high energy prices were due to Putin’s actions in Ukraine, something the Biden administration has gleefully egged on by sending a never-ending supply of weapons to the area with no oversight.

Leaders in Germany, the U.K., and other countries have all been singing this same song as of late. Citizens need to prepare and “sacrifice” to reach some sort of new world order, whether it be green energy or the Great Reset.

But if you remember, this all started with the covid pandemic, and that’s where leaders realized they could make a phony call to “sacrifice” and use it to divide people and usher in insane mandates.

Citizens were asked to shut down their businesses, reduce their travel, lose their jobs, and even deny themselves wedding ceremonies or funerals as a sacrifice for the greater good.

World leaders said if we sacrificed this freedom, the pandemic would go away within weeks.

Well, you all know how that worked out. The pandemic went on for years, and data proved that all the lockdown sacrifices did nothing to slow the spread.

Everyone ended up catching covid anyway, often multiple times. The sacrifice was all a total waste.

Yet, our incompetent and often corrupt leaders are at it again, asking citizens to sacrifice for a second time. This time to beat Russia, whatever that means, or to usher in green energy and save the planet.

But now they want you to sacrifice more than just your job. They are telling you food may be in short supply, energy may need to be rationed, water may be in short supply, and the idea of buying what you want when you need it is just a remnant of the past, sacrificed for the sake of the Great Reset.

Don’t fall for this new line of fake “sacrifice” for the greater good. It was a fraud during the pandemic, and it’s a fraud now.

It’s just this time, they want you to give up your food, water, and access to energy.

I suppose after that, the air you breath will be next.

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