If Biden makes a miraculous comeback in New Hampshire, you’ll know the fix is in.

Tyler S. Farley

As we’re still unraveling the suspicious events of Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the political world is turning its attention to New Hampshire and their primary vote which is less than a week away.

What will be most interesting however is how Joe Biden does there. New Hampshire’s primary voting system is a much more traditional ballot-based system, unlike the Iowa system which is an open and public vote conducted in rooms with other voters.

The voting system in New Hampshire is much more open to the type of rigging similar to what we saw in the 2016 Democratic primaries where Bernie Sanders was cheated out of several victories by Hillary Clinton and her team.

So if Joe Biden pulls a miraculous upset in New Hampshire, you will know for sure that the fix is in. Most people already believe the DNC is rigging the primaries for Biden, but a strong finish in New Hampshire after his disaster in Iowa will be proof.

By all political metrics, Biden’s campaign is essentially dead. He had a terrible showing in Iowa. His team and allies in the DNC knew he would have a bad showing, so they did all they could to negate any impact the results would have. Normally, the winner of Iowa gets the “Iowa” bump moving forward, but this year nobody gets a bump. It’s as if the Iowa caucus never happened.

So that brings us to New Hampshire. Biden’s campaign is basically a walking corpse at this point. The only thing that can save it is a win in New Hampshire. However, a win is virtually impossible given that voters don’t seem to like him as shown by his fourth place finish in Iowa. So if Biden makes a comeback in New Hampshire, there is no way it will have been organic.

Going back decades, the winner of the Iowa caucus always went on to win the nomination. The only exception was when Senator Tom Harken beat Bill Clinton in 1992. However, Harken was the then Senator from Iowa, so his win in his home state was expected and it’s also why his win was the only outlier in this trend. It’s nearly impossible and completely unprecedented for a 4th place finisher in Iowa to come back. It’s never happened, and if Biden pulls it off, it means the voting is rigged.

So next week we will see how far the DNC plans on going to push their preferred candidate Joe Biden to the front of the race. Will they abandon their plans as he slowly fades, or will they double down and throw caution to wind to rig the polls like they did in 2016?

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