The media attacks any sign of hope or good news, but then labels anyone who questions the doomsday predictions as a conspiracy theorist. They have essentially censored hope.

Tyler S. Farley

I didn’t know it was possible for the media to sink even lower than they have over the last 3 years. But that’s exactly what they have done during this pandemic and it’s a truly disgusting disservice to the American people.

What the media has essentially done is shut down any talk of hope or positive news as it relates to the pandemic. Any sign of good news is immediately questioned and challenged. On the flip side, anyone who questions any of the doomsday scenarios is immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist. Worse yet, those who question these dire predictions are also often accused of being to stupid too understand the “science” the media claims to use to justify their constant negativity.

A perfect example is the way the media has launched a non-stop attack on Trump simply for suggesting that the anti-malaria drug hydroxycloroquine may be a possible treatment for coronavirus patients. Trump never said it was a magic bullet or guaranteed cure, but he feels it’s the only therapy we have, so it should be taken seriously. But sadly, this ray of hope was immediately shot down from day one. Even to this day, the media has accused Trump of spreading “false hope” in regards to hydroxycloroquine.

As recently as yesterday, the media was still attacking Trump over the possible anti-malaria treatment.

But then we have the opposite end of the spectrum, where many have questioned the doomsday predictions the “experts” have made throughout this ordeal. The people rightfully questioning the bad news are immediately labeled as conspiracy theorists or anti-science, yet they are the ones being proven correct everyday.

A perfect example is the death toll projections. Its gone from 2 million possible deaths all the way down to 80K, and most likely will be revised down even further. Many people questioned the original sky-high death toll projections, but they were labeled as conspiracy theorists. But as we see now, they were proven right to question the original numbers. If the projections had to be revised down a staggering 96%, it means the original projections were totally wrong and overinflated in the first place.

It’s quite clear this is a new low for the media. They have completely reversed any semblance of common sense. All good news is immediately shot down and all bad news is not allowed to be questioned.

This backwards and fear mongering approach has spread beyond the media and now infects social media. Twitter has banned or deleted Tweets by doctors that simply mentioned they are using hydroxycloroquine to treat their patients. French doctor Didier Raoult had his Tweets deleted after posting of his medical findings. Even Fox News host Laura Ingram was forced to delete a Tweet simply for saying that hospitals were using the treatment and getting good results.

But this isn’t about the hydroxycloroquine debate. This is a much deeper issue. The fact that in this time of great suffering around the country that the media would intentionally censor and downplay hopeful news is downright disgusting. It’s not only anti-American, it’s anti-human. To deny suffering people a glimpse of hope or a light at the end of the tunnel truly shows the depths to which the media has fallen.

The mainstream media was already in shambles before the coronavirus, and their approval ratings were below that of some of the most hated and untrusted organizations in America. But what they have managed to do during this pandemic is so far beyond their previous misdeeds that it can be called nothing other than evil. To intentionally deny people of hope is one of the most disgusting and oppressive acts one can do, and the media has managed to do exactly that to millions of Americans when hope is the one thing they need the most.

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