Progressives know extending the shutdowns beyond what is necessary will cause more Americans to become dependent on the government. This is what they’ve always wanted even before the coronavirus.

Tyler S. Farley

If the current election cycle has taught us anything it’s that Progressive leaders want their voters to be dependent on the government.

Today this is an obvious statement as Progressives and Democratic leaders have tossed aside any camouflage they may have previously used to hide their intention of making more Americans dependent on government hand-outs.

Today, leading Progressive media superstars openly call for cash payments to voters for almost anything. Not only this, they call for cash payments for people who are not even U.S. citizens and have entered this country illegally.

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang even proposed a universal basic income. Where every American would receive $1K a month whether they wanted it or not. It was essentially forced welfare. His campaign even ran contests on Twitter where they would hand out $1K to voters so they could experience the joy of welfare for themselves.

Just a few years ago such ideas would be thought of as fringe, but now they are mainstream Progressive tenets. And the reason for them is simple. Make as many voters as possible dependent on government hand-outs.

So when you hear Progressive leaders like California Governor Gavin Newsom and others calling for extending the current shutdowns for months, their motivations start to become clear.

Progressive leaders know that the longer they extend these current shutdowns, the more Americans that will be forced into chronic government dependence. These vulnerable Americans will slowly have their livelihood taken away and their hopes dashed, leaving them chronically dependent on the government for subsidies and handouts which they never have asked for until now.

The Americans who will be forced into government dependence are not to blame for this. I want to be clear that it is not their fault. Before these shutdowns, they were working, productive Americans. But events beyond their control put them in a difficult spot, and they are not to blame.

But Progressive leaders who want to extend the shutdowns long beyond what is necessary will be to blame. They want more voters to be dependent on government, because those voters ultimately vote for Progressive candidates as their income depends on it.

The more voters Progressives can force into dependence, the more power they have. This isn’t new, but the audacity and overt nature of their actions is what makes this so frightening.

Progressives see a way to reverse a trend that has taken place during Trump’s first 3 years as president. His economy has caused a decline in government dependence, as welfare and food stamp usage has dropped during his first term. This is terrifying for Democrats and they see a chance to get those people back on welfare, and back voting Democrat.

Of course, Progressives will claim they want to extend the lockdowns throughout the summer to save lives. They will claim any opposition is to put money before the health and well being of Americans. But we’ve heard that argument already from them and it’s just hollow rhetoric to tug at the heart strings. Their true goal is to further damage the economy and  drag people down into government dependence, and as a bonus, harm Trump’s reelection chances.

But I believe their plan will backfire. Trump’s rising poll numbers show Americans want an economic recovery first and foremost, not endless government subsidies that trap them in a cycle of poverty and despair.

Just one month ago, Americans from all walks of life were experiencing one of the greatest economies in history. Many pulled themselves out of poverty and no longer needed food stamps or other aid. They got a taste of what America can be when their leaders put prosperity above politics, They felt the pride of putting self reliance ahead of government dependence.

These Americans don’t want to go back to a hopeless era of government handouts. They want America to go back to what it was just a few short months ago, and they’ll have no patience for these shutdowns to be extended any further than absolutely necessary.

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