Trump already has very few allies in the elitist controlled media. He doesn’t deserve conservatives like Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs attacking him on a day like today.

Tyler S. Farley

It must be hard being Trump.

Today Trump agreed to a short-term, stop-gap plan that would fund the government for 3 weeks. After which time we will basically be back at square one for another fight over the border wall.

Immediately, what were suppose to be Trump allies such as Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs railed against the president.

Lou Dobbs proclaimed on his nightly show that Trump “got rolled” by Pelosi.

Later in the day during a taping of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, guest Ann Coulter stated that Trump promised something (the wall) for 18 months then lied about it.

Now I’m not going to sit here and write that everyone should be a cheerleader for Trump no matter what. It’s perfectly fine to have a disagreement with him and make that public. But there is a time and place for that, and the time is not when he is the middle of a fight. All it serves is to give the biased media more ammunition to say Trump is losing support.

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Trump already has to deal with an unprecedented and out of control Special Counsel investigation. An investigation which has made zero charges on anything  they were suppose to actually be investigating. Instead all the charges go back years on things unrelated to Trump or on process crimes which resulted from the investigation itself, not what is being investigated.

No only that, the mainstream media has abandoned all manner of objectivity and journalistic integrity in order to smear Trump any chance they get.

Just last week Buzzfeed ran a story so fake that even Robert Mueller himself had to deny it was accurate, but it wasn’t before every major news outlet ran with the story non-stop.

Then just today, long-time Republican campaign consultant Roger Stone was arrested. An arrest that just happened to be caught on CNN’s news cameras. How was CNN notified of the impending arrest if it was from a sealed indictment? I’ll tell you how, the FBI and CNN are obviously working together at this point. There is simply no other explanation for this. Clearly someone at the Justice Department or FBI tipped off CNN so they could have exclusive footage of Stone being “perp-walked” for all the world to see.

The point here being that Trump has few allies in the media, and for the ones he does have to attack him at a time like today is almost inexcusable. Like I wrote earlier, you can disagree with Trump, but is today the day to go out and make huge public statements like Coulter did making it seem like Trump’s support is waning and that his base has abandoned him?

Luckily Trump still has his base of support all across this great country, just not in the elite circles who run the media. So we need to look at those few allies we do have in the media and ask that they use a little more discretion when speaking out against his decisions. Because today Trump needed all the help he could get, and many of his so-called supporters in conservative media let him down.

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