It looks like Nancy Pelosi wants to run the House the same way Jack Dorsey runs Twitter. Simply block or ban anyone you don’t agree with.

Tyler S. Farley

It appears as though the tactics of popular social media companies have started to rub off on Nancy Pelosi.

After originally agreeing to allow the State of the Union Address, Pelosi recently said she would not invite or allow the President into the House chambers to deliver the speech. Her reason was the government shutdown, but the real reason is obviously to deny Trump a chance to deliver his message on border security directly to the American people.

This is just one more example in the Progressive’s far-left playbook and it shows they aren’t interested in any sort of debate or true negotiations. Their whole playbook is to simply shut down any opposing viewpoints. No discussion, no debate, just shut down, ban, or censor.

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We’ve all seen social media sites like Twitter shadow-banning conservative users for no reason while allowing prominent blue-checkmark Progressives to make death threats towards the Covington High teenagers. But now Pelosi and the Democrats have gone so far as to block the President from delivering the State of the Union Address.

The irony is that our current national situation is exactly the reason to have a State of the Union Address. The point of the address is to focus on the state of government and the country. It’s pretty clear we have big issues facing the country and the government right now, and a State of the Union Address is meant to inform the public of how the current administration is going to handle those issues.

There is virtually no better time to have a State of the Union than during a time like this. People want to hear what is going on and what the solutions are.

But Pelosi, in her knee-jerk reaction has decided that Americans don’t have a right to hear their leadership explain how they plan to solve the issues facing the nation. Instead, she wants to silence all opposition in the hopes that she can hide the fact that she is refusing to deal with Trump and has lost control of her own party to the far-left minority now making the most noise.

Just yesterday I wrote about how Democrats were making a huge blunder by not even putting forward a counter-offer to Trump’s recent deal to end the government shutdown. And while reports are saying Pelosi and the Democrats are going to make an offer of $5 Billion in border funding, but with no wall, this recent move to block the State of the Union Address is just as wrongheaded as her refusal to make a timely counter-offer.

Although she may deny Trump his chance to deliver his message during the State of the Union Address, she sets up her party and herself as the side that is being unreasonable and unwilling to make a compromise.

The truth is, the wall already exists in certain parts of the border. So as Trump has said, if Pelosi thinks it is so immoral to have a wall, why isn’t she calling for it to be torn down? The reason is because the talk of morality has nothing to do with a wall, the Democrats simply want to block one of Trump’s campaign promises.

And this is really what Pelosi’s tactics are all about. She knows that what happens in the next few weeks sets the table for the 2020 election. And from her extreme actions such as canceling the State of the Union Address, it appears as though she believes that if Trump gets his wall, he also wins in 2020 so she’s willing to try anything to block it.

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