Mandate Madness! New infrastructure bill mandates all new cars have cameras…On the inside.

Tyler S. Farley

The giant infrastructure bill that nobody has fully read keeps giving us new surprises as the details are slowly revealed.

One interesting nugget as reported by Bloomberg is a section that mandates all new cars include cameras, apparently for the purpose of detecting drunk drivers.

This technology uses a series of cameras and sensors to constantly monitor the driver’s head and eyes for any sign of impairment or distractions.

Of course, this will also add to the soaring costs of a new car which in part is being fueled by the constant addition of new technology such as this.

Car and Driver recently reported that the price of new cars is “skyrocketing” and Ford reported the average transaction price for a new car is now over $43,000.

But this latest mandate isn’t the only piece of surveillance legislature tucked into the infrastructure bill.

There is also a provision to launch a pilot program that tracks drivers on a mile-by-mile basis so they can be taxed accordingly. Known as the National Motor Vehicle Per Mile User Fee (MBUF), this pilot program looks to be expanded nationwide if those in power like the results of the test program.

So there you have it, what was suppose to be an infrastructure bill to repair bridges and roads is stuffed full of Orwellian surveillance mandates.

The days of being able to jump in your car for some peace, quiet, and privacy as you take a drive are just a remnant of the past. Now, that new car you paid a year’s salary for will be continuously monitoring you to make sure you don’t step out of line. It’s all very similar to the way people pay over $1000 for a smartphone that then constantly spies on them while being remotely controlled by tech companies.

But hey, talk of a “surveillance state” is just conspiracy theory nonsense, right?