The never-ending eviction moratorium is an effort to force small property owners to sell their now unprofitable units to huge investment firms.

Tyler S. Farley

With the CDC’s extension of the already extended eviction moratorium, the goal of this moratorium is starting to become increasingly obvious.

For starters, the extension is in clear violation of a Supreme Court ruling in which Justice Kavanaugh stated that any further extensions would need to be done via an act of Congress or else they would be shot down by the court. So the current administration is outright ignoring the Supreme Court and doing whatever they want.

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t to protect tenants as they would have you believe. Instead, this is part of the ongoing “great reset” where land and property is being bought up as fast as possible by some of the largest investment groups and wealthiest billionaires in the world.

As we’ve written about many times on this site, whatever you think the covid-19 pandemic started out as, it has clearly been hijacked by those in power to greatly expand their control and monopolies.

A perfect example is the buying frenzy you are witnessing in most every city in America as investment firms buy up home after home, sometimes paying 20% over listing price so that regular home-buyers cannot have access.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the number of homes being bought by these investments firms is nearly 26% and rising.

The goal here is quite simple. Investment firms want to turn the entire nation into a country of renters who are forced to pay 50% of their salary or more for rent with no hopes of ever being able to own their own property.

Just imagine how much these investment firms are salivating at the notion of collecting 50% of millions of American’s salaries month after month.

The extended and never-ending eviction moratorium is a perfect means to that end for these big investment firms. The longer it goes on, the longer small and medium sized property owners are forced to sell their properties to these larger investment firms.

The most recent extension will put the moratorium on evictions out to nearly 2 years. That’s two years small landlords and property owners have gone without being able to collect rent or find a new tenant to replace a non-paying one. Many of them have already sold to these big investment firms as there is simply no way they can keep their properties when the government denies them the right to collect any rent for nearly two years.

This latest extension was pushed by self-identified socialists in congress such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Whether by intention or by accident, her push for an extension is a gift to giant investment firms which she usually rallies against. Perhaps she’s just clueless or perhaps she’s taking donations from these very firms.

Either way, the destruction of the American dream continues in earnest with each new mandate and decree coming out of Washington D.C.

Now, those in power don’t even bother to obey the Supreme Court if they sense a new power grab within their reach. Nor do they bother to try to legislate through congress. Instead, everything is done by mandate and decree, in total violation of the constitution, and with the blessing of the largest and most secretive investment firms in the world.