Is the FBI afraid the Nashville bombing is the start of new trend of terrorism that targets establishment infrastructure but spares innocent lives?

Tyler S. Farley

For decades, modern terrorism has made no effort to spare innocent lives. In fact, the goal has always been to specifically target innocent civilians as a way to instill the most fear and garner the most attention.

However, that’s what has made the Nashville bombing so strange and hard for people to wrap their head around.

According to reports, the bomber specifically targeted a sensitive AT&T communications center. But before detonating his bomb near the building, he played a 15 minute countdown on loudspeakers telling people to clear the area before the blast. The bomber also chose a time and place to make sure there were no causalities.

This type of terrorism where the attacker specifically targets the establishment infrastructure and protects innocent lives is somewhat of a new development, especially on this scale.

It seems like for now the FBI is trying to sweep the whole incident under the rug with a general sense of “nothing to see here”. They reported to have identified the bomber and his motive within 48 hours and have essentially declared the case closed. A somewhat odd ending to a case that has indeed left many questions unanswered.

So is the FBI afraid of copy-cats and is that why they want this story to just go away? Are they afraid that others may see that a terrorist-style act can be used to target establishment infrastructure but also spare innocent lives.

Such attacks may be worrisome for the FBI as they could actually foster sympathy for the attackers if enough of the public agrees with the end goals.

There are many private and government institutions in this country that yield an incredible amount of power and are very unpopular among the citizens. Big tech, media, and other industries are loathed by a majority of the American people. Is the FBI worried that attacks on these institutions, attacks that spare the innocent, could actually garner support for the attacker’s cause?

Over the summer of 2020 we were told the destruction of property during the BLM riots was a necessary evil to bring attention to the cause of ending systemic racism. The media told Americans that property is insured, and its destruction is not similar to a terrorist attack.

But now, we’ll see if the media will treat this with a double standard. Since AT&T, the parent company of CNN has now been attacked, will CNN still believe that destroying property to push an ideological or political agenda is justified?

These are all interesting questions and as for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s possible this bizarre bombing in Nashville will simply vanish and be replaced in the news cycle, only to be forgotten forever. Or perhaps as the FBI worries, this could be a harbinger of things to come.

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