The vaccine merry-go-round – Full immunity takes 4 weeks after the first dose. Then you need to get re-vaccinated every 3 months.

Tyler S. Farley

If there’s one aspect of the “pandemic” that everyone is getting tired off, it’s the constant moving of the goalposts.

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but we all remember the “2 weeks” to flatten the curve slogan. But then once the curve was flattened, it was all about reducing hospital capacity. Then it was slowing cases. Then it was slowing test positivity ratio. And so on…

Its all just been a never-ending moving of the goalposts. They string the public along for a few weeks with some arbitrary goal, then move that goal once it’s reached to keep the pandemic going as long as possible.

Well, it seems now that the vaccine is falling right in line with that same strategy.

All the major vaccines work by requiring 2 injections, each two weeks apart.  Then, according this report, full immunity occurs about two weeks after that. So about a month after your first dose is when the vaccine is actually effective, if it works at all.

But now we are being told by experts that re-vaccination may be required as much as every three months as the effectiveness of the first vaccine wears off.

What this sets up is a never-ending revolving door of vaccinations that goes on indefinitely.

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

Of course it is, the vaccinations are starting to sound exactly like the “2 weeks” to flatten to the curve. Not only that, experts are saying the vaccine won’t even help to loosen the draconian restrictions already in place that are destroying economies around the world.

These experts, including Dr. Fauci are saying that even with the vaccinations, we cannot loosen restrictions any time soon.

So what’s even the point?

Well, it should be obvious. The vaccines are just another example of the goalposts moving. This is happening so often that there is no denying it all all. The only question remaining is why the experts keep moving the goalposts.

It can only be one of two options. Either they are completely incompetent and have no idea what they’re doing. Or they are intentionally stringing us along for reasons which are still not totally clear.

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