People still underestimate the impact of the Russia-hoax. It wasn’t just a political attack, it set the playbook for everything we are seeing today.

Tyler S. Farley

Although completely memory-holed by the mainstream media, despite their constant pushing of the story for 5 years, the importance of the Russia-hoax is still not fully appreciated.

Many people simply see it as a political attack against Trump, a case of simple political bickering that resolved itself for the most part.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Russia-hoax kicked off the entire era that we are currently living in where everything in the media and online is a complete fabrication.

For starters, the Russia-hoax is when the mainstream media, big tech, and corrupt agencies in the government all came together to work in concert to push obvious propaganda. We outlined this before, but it’s important to understand that fact.

The reason is because if you look at the pandemic, the exact same players pushed the propaganda about covid as well. Simply swap out the FBI for the CDC, and the playbook is exactly the same for the pandemic as it was for the Russia-hoax.

In both there were stories after story pushing one narrative, only to be reversed within days or weeks, and then a new fake story is pushed. This would go on for years in both the Russia-hoax and the pandemic.

Sadly, this is the “new normal” that we have to adjust to, not the pandemic itself. The fact that from now on, we essentially are forced to live in a false reality created by the media, corrupt government agencies, and big-tech.

The majority of people realize they are being forced to live in this false reality, but when those people speak up, they’re the ones accused of spreading “misinformation”, which is the new “crime” in this bizarre altered reality we now live in.

It’s become so bad that the January 6th Select Committee has now subpoenaed social media platforms to find out who spread “misinformation” about election fraud.

Think about that for a minute. Congress has demanded the names and usernames of people who posted their opinions on whether or not election fraud took place in 2020.

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that there was no widespread election fraud. That still would not make believing there was election fraud a crime. People have the right to an opinion on public events regardless if that opinion is ultimately proven right or wrong.

The fact that Congress has essentially criminalized opinion with the subpoena is one of the most dangerous assaults on the First Amendment in some time.

This is no longer an issue of “private business”. The Congress of the United States is now engaging in sniffing out opinions they don’t like and trying to create fear and intimidation so other people don’t dare post their own opinions that may run contrary to the official narrative.

All of this started with the Russia-hoax and that’s why it was a much larger event than most people realize. It set the stage for everything we are witnessing today, including attacks on our own right to free speech.


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