When you look around, none of the damage you see was caused by the covid-19 virus, it was all caused by mandates and restrictions.

Tyler S. Farley

There is a phrase I’m sure you’ve seen a million times by now and probably don’t even give it a second thought.

That phrase is “due to covid”.

Whether your favorite restaurant is out of hot sauce or your local DMV has a 3 week waiting list to get an appointment, it’s always “due to covid”.

When it comes to the economic fallout that is starting to grip the nation, we keep hearing about people slipping into poverty “due to covid”.

But the truth is, covid didn’t cause any of these things. It was the pointless and ridiculous mandates and restrictions that have wrought chaos and destruction on our society and economy.

Of course, at this point someone might argue and ask, what about the people who died? Clearly those were caused by covid, right?

Yes, those people did die as tragic as that is. But they would have died anyway regardless of mandates or restrictions.

So then the follow up question and argument would be: The restrictions prevented even more deaths, so that’s one positive, right?

Well, that’s not true either. Many places here in America and around the world had very few restrictions, and some places had none at all that were enforced. A look at the death toll per 100,000 in those places compared to the death toll in locations with heavy restrictions show no statistical difference at all.

As of now, it is impossible to prove with data that the lockdowns and restrictions even saved a single life. The data simply doesn’t support it. Anyone you hear claiming otherwise cannot show proof and they won’t show proof, because it doesn’t exist.

Besides that, the most ardent defenders of the lockdowns and restrictions now are the ones that called for them in the first place. The mainstream media, government officials, and big tech all rallied around restrictions and mandates to stop the spread of the virus. Do you think they’ll now admit they were wrong when they were the ones promoting it?

Of course not, you’ll never hear a mainstream media report telling you how ineffective the lockdowns were. They would only be calling blame upon themselves. Same with government officials and big tech, who actively censor and ban any questions about the lockdowns.

This isn’t some conspiracy either, it’s simply how government officials and bureaucrats operate.

Look at Afghanistan for example. It was a complete mistake to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, that fact became pretty obvious soon after the initial invasions. But nobody in power would change course or admit they made the wrong move. So 20 years later we end up with the result we just had this weekend as trillions of dollars are wasted in an epic culmination of our leader’s inability to ever change course once they’ve made a mistake.

So don’t be fooled by the phrase “due to covid” because the truth is, covid didn’t do anything. Your government’s idiotic response to covid is what caused all the damage.