Bloomberg is just Biden all over again. A deeply flawed candidate the fake news is trying to force on voters.

Tyler S. Farley

Normally I would love to be a fly on the wall of the DNC so I could figure out what in the hell they’ve been doing over the last few months. But honestly, I think I would be so shocked at hearing their deranged plans first hand that I would lose faith in American politics forever.

But now that the Biden fiasco is finally playing out, we see what was going on all along. Biden was a candidate that nobody liked but the DNC and the mainstream media tried to convince everyone he was the frontrunner and the one to beat Trump. He as a deeply flawed candidate from the start. From near constant gaffs to sad displays of his obvious cognitive decline, his campaign was a train wreck. On more than one occasion he became hostile towards his own voters, bizarrely challenging voters to push-up contests or outright telling them he doesn’t need their vote. It was all a sad and obvious testament to a terrible campaign, yet the media force fed the lie that he was somehow the frontrunner. Of course, once the voting started even the rigged DNC couldn’t hide the fact that nobody liked Biden anymore.

It seems now we have the exact same scenario playing out with Bloomberg. He’s another deeply flawed candidate who has obvious problems right out of the gate. For starters, he’s completely void of any real personality. At least Bernie Sanders, for all his wild ideas actually has a personality that some find interesting. But Bloomberg is simply boring, and worse than that he comes off a bit whiny and lacking in confidence as he mumbles through answers or tries to articulate his ideas.

But beyond his obvious personality flaws which are made all the worse in today’s near constant video sharing culture, he has a past filled with downright terrible statements about minorities, women, blue collar workers, and just about everyone else. At this point one has to wonder if there are any people in America Michael Bloomberg actually does like.

As I’m sure you are aware if you watch any conservative news outlets, Bloomberg has had to deal with a series of audio recordings coming out which have him railing against minorities while describing his stop and frisk policies in New York. But then just today another recording came out that his him ridiculing farmers and blue collar workers as not being smart enough to adapt to the new information age. To sum it up, it was basically Bloomberg’s long-winded boring version of the ‘learn to code’ elitist insult. But in Bloomberg’s version, he doesn’t even believe average Americans are smart enough to learn to code. This is basically Hillary’s ‘deplorable’ speech but much worse.

Obviously all of this points to what everybody already knows about Bloomberg, he’s a billionaire elitist who is totally out of touch with the concerns of everyday Americans. But worse than that, he actually despises everyday Americans and speaks about them in the most dismissive and derogatory terms you could imagine. As more recordings come out, Bloomberg appears to be a real-life version of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

So you would think with all of this, Bloomberg would be finished before even making it to the first primary. But no, he has the mainstream media on his side to pretend he’s now ‘surging’ in the polls. Just like Biden was the front-runner according to the media until the voting started, now suddenly Bloomberg has rocketed to second place, right behind Sanders according to the media.

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. It’s exactly what happened with Biden. A doomed campaign from the start that the fake news media tried desperately to prop up and shove down our throats. Problem is, nobody bought it because the media has lost all credibility, even with the Democratic voters they pander to.

So the question is, will Bloomberg flop just like Biden did? Or despite being a terrible candidate, will at least having his faculties, unlike Biden, be enough combined with the fake news media to push him to the front?

Honestly, I have no idea at this point as this primaries are off to one of the craziest starts in recent memory. But I wouldn’t count Bloomberg out as he has said he is willing to spend $2 billion this election, and that’s a lot of money, even for a guy like Mr. Burns…uh, I mean Mr. Bloomberg.

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