Armchair psychology: It seems Hunter Biden has a subconscious desire to bring down Joe Biden as payback. What else explains him “losing” all these laptops filled with damning material.

Tyler S. Farley

This is all going to be a bit of armchair psychology. But when you start putting the pieces together regarding Hunter Biden and his antics, he clearly seems driven to destroy his dad through a series of “accidents”.

Let’s start by setting the table for where all this may be stemming from.

There have long been rumors, and now more than rumors, that there was abuse of a sexual nature taking place in the Biden family. Hunter has alluded to it, and there were passages in his sister’s diary that she believed Joe Biden had taken “inappropriate” showers with her at a young age.

It’s also notable that the children of Joe Biden exhibit classic signs of sexual abuse. The hyper-sexuality in adulthood and chronic substance abuse are all hallmarks of sexual abuse as a child.

So that brings us to Hunter’s crazy antics. I don’t know anybody with something to hide who has “lost” this many laptops in some of the craziest scenarios you’ve ever heard.

Some were lost to Russian gangsters as he explains in one video, while others were inexplicably left at a repair shop for years.

Then we have his constant photo-taking involving himself, hookers, and hard drugs. This guy is basically documenting his entire twisted (and illegal) life, then intentionally leaving a trail of that evidence everywhere he goes. He must know he can never share any of these photos or videos, so why even make them in the first place?

One could argue he’s simply a drug-user who makes poor decisions. But it seems something deeper may be taking place.

Hunter seems like a severely damaged and confused individual. He lives like a degenerate, but based on his writings, feels as though he should have a higher purpose. He laments the corruption of his father in leaked correspondence and talks about how he had to do the same to provide for the family.

It seems Hunter has a subconscious desire to bring down the patriarch of the Biden family. Nothing else really explains his constant trail of evidence. It’s like the classic case of the criminal who wants to get caught.

Then of course, we have his sister, who left behind her own evidence that smears the name of her father.

These two are addicted to the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to, but at some level, they despise the methods that earned them that money, and they despise their father who abused them.

Nothing else really explains their behavior. If Hunter was truly just a degenerate and corrupt son of a politician, he would try to maintain some level of secrecy to protect his cash cow. But that’s not the case at all, and in fact it’s the opposite.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if someday Hunter spills the beans on everything. That day may be coming sooner than you think.

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