Even if the release of covid-19 from the Wuhan lab was totally accidental, the Chinese did nothing to slow its international spread. This makes it no different than if they intentionally released the virus.

Tyler S. Farley

As is often the case, the real truth of a large global event is spoon fed to the public in small doses so they don’t realize how badly officials lied to them in the first place. The story regarding the origins of covid-19 are turning out to be no different.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the media spent an entire year assuring the public that there was no chance the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory in China. Not only that, they attacked and ridiculed anyone, even experts, who suggested such a thing.

But then just last month, the media finally acknowledged that the virus could have come from a lab. Even though they know good and well that it clearly did originate in a lab, they are spoon feeding the idea to the public in the hopes people don’t realize it was all a lie from the start.

But with the media’s final admission of what everyone suspected from the start, there is an inconvenient truth that arises that they are ignoring. That truth is that even if the virus did leak accidentally, the Chinese government chose to do absolutely nothing to stop the international spread that led to the pandemic. Instead of alerting international health authorities, they kept silent and allowed the virus to spread totally unchecked until it was out of control.

These actions by the Chinese government, where they intentionally stayed silent so the virus could spread, is equal to an intentional release.

So in my opinion, there is no difference between an intentional release or an accidental release where the Chinese then intentionally allowed it to spread. They are identical in their end results and motives.

But of course, the media isn’t allowing such talk to enter the public debate just yet. As I mentioned before, they like to spoon feed the public in small bites as to allow their lies and false narratives to slowly be reversed over time. This way, their fake news appears to be just new facts being uncovered instead of a false narrative unraveling.

But the public is waking up, and they are realizing they’ve been lied to about covid-19 from the beginning . Every story the people were told is turning out to be a lie. But not an accidental lie from lack of information, instead they have been carefully orchestrated lies to achieve a very specific result.

So how will the media spin this lie when the people realize that if the virus did originate in a lab in Wuhan, that means China made zero effort to stop its spread to other countries or to even notify international health officials of the danger. What this means is that even if the release of covid-19 was accidental, the Chinese response was tantamount to an intentional release.