There seems to be a battle going on between the Kamala Harris camp and the Biden camp. Both want to embarrass the other to solidify their position.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s a fascinating battle brewing at the White House and the implications for 2024 are huge.

It seems as though there is some disagreement as to who is really in charge at the moment and who will succeed Joe Biden after his first term. In case you forgot, Biden made it clear during the campaign that he only planned on serving one term. But it seems that now after his handlers have had a taste of power, they’re no longer on board with letting Kamala take the reigns.

It started about 2 months ago as the crisis at the border started to spiral out of control. Joe Biden immediately announced that Kamala Harris was going to be in charge of the border situation.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the news at the time, this most likely appeared to be a way to make Harris the fall-guy for the deteriorating situation at the border. With most of the Democrat’s base demanding open borders, it set up a no-win situation for Harris. She either admits there is a crisis at the border, and anger her base. Or say there was no problem at the border, making her look clueless and incompetent since she was tasked to fix a problem she now says is nonexistent.

Well, as we have seen  she chose the latter of those two options. By claiming there is no real issue at the border, she embarrassed herself and now even the mainstream media has taken notice.

As I outlined here,¬† Lester Holt of NBC news was forced to ask her about her handling of the border situation. To which Harris gave a now infamous response that seems to suggest Biden’s handlers made a smart move to put her in charge if their goal was to tamp down talk of her taking over the throne in 2024.

Even worse, a White House insider “leaked” to CNN that staff was unhappy with Kamala’s performance, both in the NBC interview and during her foreign policy trip.

But on the other hand we have a group of powerful players behind the scenes that want to usher in a Harris presidency in 2024. They seem to want to push the idea that Biden is slowly fading but without actually having to say it. This will make the slow transition to Kamala Harris a welcome one among Democrats as they will know Biden has declined past the point of being able to appear in public anymore.

Speaking of Joe Biden appearing in public, his recent European trip for the G7 conference this past weekend was just as much of a disaster as Kamala’s Latin American trip. Biden made gaffe after gaffe and when he wasn’t making a gaffe, he appeared lost, tired, and confused. Several clips went viral of Biden apparently lost and confused as his wife Jill was forced to be his wrangler for the event. It was a sad display and something that Team Kamala will be fast to seize on.

You see, there is a very strong base among the Democrat elite that wants Kamala Harris as president. I wrote over a year ago that she was the hand picked candidate by Barack Obama. I predicted she would be the nominee and that looked to be the case. However, her campaign was capsized at the debates during the primaries and she was unable to recover. But the Obama’s still managed to get her on the ticket, and one step away from the presidency.

But whoever is running the Biden administration is clearly fighting back and they believe they can prop up Biden for another term come 2024 and keep themselves in power. This is why they intentionally set up Kamala to fail on the border issue. Even Slate has reported that it appears as though Kamala was set up as the fall guy.

So it appears for now that there is a little disagreement over the future of the Democratic ticket. The Obama camp still wants Kamala to take over in 2024, but it appears as though the handlers of Biden’s administration have decided to throw a wrench in the works. And by doing so, torpedoing the plans of Obama and his loyalists who still believe they are in control of the Democratic establishment and the White House.