The debut of the FedNow system has been moved up a whole year. This new direct bank account will be mandatory by 2023.

Tyler S. Farley

There are two big economic lessons that the powers-that-be have learned during their covid lockdown debacle. The first is, when they try to pass out money, most of it just gets stolen or scammed before it reaches anyone who it was intended for. The second thing is that to keep people peaceful, they will mostly likely have to be given small stipends every so often to prevent a catastrophic meltdown in society.

So with that being said, here comes the solution and it’s called the FedNow instant payment system. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but the FedNow system will be an instant, direct payment system that will allow money to be sent instantly and settled instantly. First sold as a way to send money between institutions, mostly smaller ones, it is now poised to be used so the fed can send money directly to individual bank accounts that will be known as FedNow accounts.

Of course, for this to work, everyone will need a FedNow account. So hopefully you can see where this is going. Very soon, most likely within a year or two, every American will need a government-owned and controlled bank account known as a FedNow account. Whatever benefits you receive,  whether it be refunds or a stimulus that is offered, it will be offered through the FedNow system. If you don’t have it, you don’t get any money.

These FedNow accounts will also act as the only bank accounts for poor or unbanked individuals who have been chased out of the traditional banking system for whatever reason.

If you don’t believe this is the plan, simply read this opinion article from Ameya Pawar, a mouthpiece for The Open Societies Foundation set up by George Soros.

In her piece she says the following:

“The next stimulus package must extend the unemployment benefit and provide a recurring guaranteed income of $2,000 per month, create free bank accounts at the Federal Reserve — “Fed Accounts” — for every American, and supply state and local governments with ongoing cash payments and ensure that future economic crises trigger automatic payments.”

So the “Fed accounts” are already being set up. In fact, they moved up the release date by an entire year. When is the last time any government project was moved up an entire year? Honestly, it’s probably never happened before which tells you how desperate the powers-that-be are to release this.

Of course, the final step will be making these mandatory, and not long after that happens the main bank account for most people will be a FedNow account, completely controlled and monitored by the government in real-time.

Just another example of how the covid shutdowns are ushering in more government control over our lives than ever before.