If you are familiar with how Trump negotiates, the North Korea summit is not in Jeopardy.

As anyone should have guessed, there were going to be some bumps in the road leading up to the North Korea summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un on June 12. These weeks leading up to the summit are still technically negotiations, and during negotiations, it’s perfectly normal to posture and try to angle for little more as you set the table before or even during the meeting.

However, for those who understand how Trump operates, there is a very high likelihood he already has this deal sealed up as that’s how he has operated for years when it comes to negotiations. Trump often talks about “winning” and if you have followed his career, he doesn’t take positions where he hasn’t already won before the contest started. This is often seen as or referred to as “4D chess” and although Trump does negotiate at a very high level, he always picks fights he has pretty much already won.

A perfect example is when he took the NFL and its players to task last year for kneeling and protesting during the national anthem. As soon as he attacked the NFL and its players, the clueless mainstream media jumped in and declared that Trump is attacking something Americans love, which is football, so he has clearly met his match this time as public opinion will not stand for him attacking their favorite sport. But this was just another example of the media and Trump’s enemies not realizing how he does business. Trump already knew had a winning position by attacking millionaire athlete divas making silly protests while making millions of dollars per game. Within a week of Trump picking the fight with the NFL and various players, a research poll showed that almost 70% of Americans were against protests during the anthem believed Trump was right. And while the poll confirmed it, Trump already knew this going in, that’s why he picked the fight. He was already a winner before it started.

And that’s the thing with Trump, if he picks a fight with you, it probably means you already lost and just don’t realize it yet. He has a long history of this and for some reason, his detractors still don’t get it and fall into the trap every time.

And this is the reason I am confident that Trump already has the North Korea peace talks sealed up. If history is any guide into how Trump negotiates, he wouldn’t put himself at this much risk if he didn’t already hold the winning hand. To think otherwise would be to ignore how Trump got here in the first place.

So while you may hear about some bumps in the road leading up to the summit like you did today, don’t lose faith. Trump always makes sure he has won before he starts making public declarations. So just sit tight and enjoy another victory in the making.