China has escaped all responsibility for releasing covid-19. Not only that, the American media portrays them as the victim when they come under any scrutiny. What’s going on?

Tyler S. Farley

As we approach two years of the never-ending pandemic, with some experts saying this could go on for decades, where is the blame for China’s role in this global disaster?

Just for the sake of discussion, let’s put aside whether the release was intentional or accidental, as that’s a subject for another article. But for now, let’s stick with the facts.

The virus obviously came from the Chinese lab in Wuhan, China. Virtually every expert who at first tried to deny this fact has now come around and accepted that it is the most likely source of the covid-19.

But not only did it come from China, the Chinese government hid the fact that it had been released for months, allowing the virus to spread unchecked all around the world. This is also a fact and not speculation, China did not alert international health authorities early on after the release, a move which could have prevented the entire pandemic.

Just for comparison, even third world countries in Africa with very poor infrastructure and a lack of medical expertise are at least responsible enough to alert international health authorities when they detect a viral outbreak so they can contain it as soon as possible.

But China didn’t even bother, and this is a fact, not speculation.

Worse yet, even after they finally alerted international health authorities that the virus was out, they blocked any attempt by The WHO and American experts to have access to the lab so that they could better fight the virus and understand what they were dealing with.

Even while the pandemic was raging in early 2020, China continued to block experts from around the world from having any access to their records. This made fighting the virus so much more difficult as experts had to wait until infections exploded in their own country before they could start collecting data.

So with all that being said, regardless of whether China released covid-19 intentionally or by accident, it doesn’t really matter. Their actions after the fact clearly place an enormous amount of blame on themselves for the spread and pandemic that followed.

If China followed the simple protocols other countries do when a viral outbreak is detected, the entire pandemic couldĀ  have been contained.

So where is the blame for China? Where is our media asking Chinese officials and ambassadors the tough questions?

Well, it’s nowhere to be found. In fact, the opposite has taken place. The media has protected China and even portrayed them as the victim of “anti-Asian” hate if they are subjected to any criticism.

It’s completely inexplicable at this point that China continues to enjoy a total lack of culpability among those in the media for their obvious role in starting the pandemic and then letting it grow to the size it did.

China is fully culpable here by any reasonable measure as well as by any criteria found in any first-world legal system. Their complete hiding of the initial release and then subsequent stonewalling makes them grossly negligent by any legal standard around the world.

Yet, here we are nearly two years into the pandemic and China is enjoying 100% protection from the American media.

What’s really going on?