Intelligence agencies are abandoning the social media platforms in a process known as deconfliction. So where are they moving to?

Tyler S. Farley

Let’s being with a simple premise.

That premise is that most of the big social media platforms are either directly run by intelligence agencies or heavily infiltrated by them.

This is a fact, and the proof is coming out in the recent Twitter files release, which is really more of a limited hangout than an actual exposing of the total truth.

But the Twitter files, and even the sale of Twitter, show that those intelligence agencies have ditched social media platforms and are moving on.

This process is known as deconfliction in the intelligence world. It happens when various intelligence operations start to overlap and things get out of control.

Generally, this occurs when they lose control over various groups they supported and they end up fighting one another. Hence, the term deconfliction.

This most often happens when intelligence agencies meddle in third-world  politics. They support, fund, and arm various groups with the hopes of steering political upheaval in the way they want. But the groups they support end up forming their own splinter groups and fighting each other. This is when deconfliction happens and the intelligence agencies start backing out.

Deconfliction also is part of covering their tracks. Obviously, when they start to lose control of operations, the chances of them being exposed increase. So as they deconflict, cover stories and other techniques are used to explain it all away.

This is exactly what’s happening with social media platforms. Intelligence agencies essentially started losing control as various groups formed their own “gangs” on social media with various ideological or political ideas. Soon, these took over and intelligence agencies noticed that they were losing control over their own operations.

Not only that, usage of these platforms has fallen like a rock. So with standard deconfliction strategies along with plummeting usefulness, intelligence agencies have pulled the plug on social media.

This is why  Twitter was allowed to be sold off. It will soon not even exist.

This is also why puppet Mark Zuckerberg is now actually in charge of Facebook for the first time, and suddenly the company is being run into the ground.

Truth is, Zuckerberg was always a CIA stooge. He never founded Facebook or ever even ran it. But now he actually is in charge and he’s burning billions of dollars on “metaverse” hardware and software that has become a laughing stock all over the world.

The Meta stock price is at 2015 levels with no real plan to ever rise again as investors wonder why Zuckerberg keeps making these insane business decisions.

It’s all because the intelligence apparatus have abandoned Facebook. It’s now being run by Zuckerberg, and we see he was always just a stooge all along.

Like Twitter, Facebook will be gone very soon.

It’s all a result of the intelligence agencies running their deconfliction operations

So where have all the intelligence spooks gone? If they gave up on social media platforms, where are they now?

They’ve moved on to influencers, independent media personalities, and podcasters.

These people are all being controlled through intelligence agency fronts known as digital content companies.

These companies act like “managers” to various influencers and podcasters. Every big channel or podcast is part of one of these digital content companies.

These companies are filled with intelligence agency handlers who then either produce new influencers or take control of existing ones.

The intelligence agencies and their friends are pretty smart. They know the mainstream media is dead and new independent media will have more power. So this is where they focus their efforts today.

In the future, we’ll start to expose some of these controlled influencers. But in the meantime, be on the lookout for the obvious signs that are very similar to the early days of social media.

Watch how influencers explode out of nowhere to fame and fans without anybody knowing how it happened. Look at how podcasters run the same guests who all push the same narrative.

Do you know any big podcasters who have on “former” FBI and CIA guys all the time? Why do they all interview these same guys over and over again?

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