The ATF’s ability to restrict the Second Amendment is no different than if the IRS could regulate which version of The Bible you are allowed to own.

Tyler S. Farley

In a rare bit of good news coming from our government, the ATF has withdrawn their guidance seeking new classifications for AR 15 pistol braces. A move that could have made millions of legal gun owners into criminals overnight.

And while this is good news, it should never have even come this close to allowing the ATF to make this decision in the first place.

The ATF is essentially a taxing arm of the government that has gone rogue and now has their own quasi federal police force capable of performing raids and other law enforcement activities.

What’s worse is they are able to circumvent the actual legislative process simply by issuing orders and guidelines on firearms restrictions. Restrictions that are often in direct violation of the Second Amendment.

The ATF’s firearm rulings are no different than if the IRS was able to make rulings about which version of the The Bible people were able to own. Such things are directly protected by The Constitution and no government agency should be able to infringe up on them, especially through what is essentially a decree and not an actual law.

The ATF’s attempt at new firearm restrictions came as part of a new offensive by the agency as they eagerly anticipate a possible Biden presidency.

Breitbart News reported that the ATF has already begun working with members of the Biden transition team. So these sudden actions by the ATF are not a coincidence and they are clearly excited about an anti-gun administration possibly coming into the White House.

But for now, it appears as though the backlash from gun owners and 90 U.S. Representatives from several states was enough to make the ATF backtrack and rescind their letter of intention. For how long this lasts is anybody’s guess, but it’s one more reminder about how vigilant we all must be when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights. There are always those that are forever waiting in the shadows and waiting for just the right environment to come out and impose their tyranny.

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