The recent stimulus bill should be all the proof you need to see that covid-19 is being exploited by world governments to steal whatever wealth is left.

Tyler S. Farley

Well, it’s no longer a conspiracy. It’s a fact.

For 10 months we’ve been told that any suggestion that governments around the world are exploiting the covid-19 “pandemic” are nothing but silly conspiracy theories.

But the release of the most recent stimulus bill proves the conspiracy theorists correct once again. The pandemic is all part of the Great Reset plan, and part of that plan is plunging the world into economic chaos while the ruling class steals whatever money is left on the table before everything falls apart.

The relief bill supposedly for Americans has more aid for foreign governments than for the American people themselves. As the average American gets a measly $600, the government of Sudan gets $700 million. Do you think even a penny of that $700 million will reach the Sudanese people?

The list goes on. $135 million to Burma. $85 million to Cambodia. $453 million to Ukraine. And even $10 million for Pakistan to pay for “gender programs”.

Let’s get real. All of that money will be dispersed among the ruling class in those countries and not a penny will reach the people.

It’s a all a farce and an obvious slap in the face to every American. Most Americans receiving the $600 have already paid well over $600 in taxes over the past year. So it’s not a stimulus at all. You just get a portion of your money that they stole in the first place.

So while gender programs in Pakistan get funded, you as an American get less money than you paid in.

This should be the final proof to wake people up to what is really going on. The “pandemic” was exactly what skeptics assumed it was from the start. A mild virus that has been exploited by the elites of the world to trigger what they call the Great Reset.

They’ve printed themselves into a corner with failed monetary polices around the world, and now the only way to fix it is to collapse the system and steal whatever is left before it all comes crashing down.

The elites have turned the “pandemic” into one of those money-booths where a lucky contestant is placed in a glass booth and dollar bills are blown all around him as he frantically grabs whatever cash he can. The only difference here is that it’s all your money being blown around, the elites are in the booth, and you’re watching from the outside.

The endgame is now in full swing. People are being bankrupted and forced to abandon their businesses while the elites sweep up all the money that can be printed until the whole system collapses, with the average Joe holding the bag and standing in a mile-long welfare line waiting for a handout.

The federal government has officially told you that they no longer care if you know about their scam or not. The question is, will Americans finally rise up and tell them enough is enough?

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