A lesson in failure – How progressive elites seized control of the mainstream media yet still managed shrink their party and push away voters

Tyler S. Farley

To put it lightly, the Democrats have a problem. They managed to take control of the mainstream media yet still found a way to shrink their party and push away voters. It’s a stunning failure unfolding right before our eyes and one that started out a little more than decade ago.

In the first decade of the 2000s, Democratic pundits would often complain about Fox News and their biased reporting that was often pro-conservative. At the time, the wildly popular late night comedians such as Jon Stewart would dedicate nearly half of his then comedy program The Daily Show to lampooning Fox and their biased coverage, as well as their viewers. And while Fox News has its problems, it is openly pro-conservative and was so from the start. Fox News channel was founded on the idea that there were no conservative news outlets on cable television and Fox News looked to fill that void. So their conservative bias was pretty overt and not something they hid or obfuscated, in fact, it was the reason the channel was founded in the first place.

Perhaps in retaliation or through copying the Fox News playbook, progressive elites looked to take over virtually every form of mainstream media news. Mainstream news journalists have almost always leaned to the left but now they were motivated to double down on their bias and make no apologies for doing so. Not only that, social media companies exploded on the scene and quickly ended up becoming the platforms where most Americans received their news. By 2015, Facebook, Google, and Twitter ended up becoming the new “town square” of our digital lives no matter the age group, and at the head of these companies were progressive elites who would soon openly use their platforms to force their progressive ideology on their users.

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So with that in mind, fast forward to the 2016 presidential election. Progressive elites, now in power at virtually every mainstream news outlet and social media platform decided to cast away any notion of objectivity and went into full propaganda mode in order to promote their own ideology and demonize all of those who oppose them.

I’ve written about the recent explosion of media bias extensively here on this blog as have many others so I’m not going to chronicle the many instances of bias towards Trump and his supporters, as to list them all would fill a book. But needless to say, an independent report showed that 91% of media coverage towards Trump was negative. Not only that, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all been asked to testify before Congress due to their overt bias. So the bias and propaganda is indeed real and there is no denying it at this point.

However, one would think that if a single political party seized control of both the mainstream news media and the most popular social media platforms that they would be able to easily control the national narrative and bring new voters into their ranks. But seemingly this isn’t happening. Recent polling suggests a surge in Trump’s approval as well as enthusiasm among Republicans and Independents to vote in the upcoming midterms.

And this is where the monumental failure lies. Democrats had total control of virtually allĀ  information being disseminated to the American people and then overtly manipulated that information to push their own ideology. Yet with all that control they still managed to push people away from their far-left agenda and not only that, invigorate their political foes.

It truly is a huge blunder and a failing of epic proportions when looked at in the context of the power that Democrats yielded in the media and failed to capitalize on. But not only did they fail to capitalize on their huge advantage, their efforts have backfired going into the midterms as trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low and most of their news brands are now left in ruin as they have lost even basic credibility.

Then we have the circus surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation last month which was a perfect example of how the Democrat-controlled mainstream media continues to fail in their propaganda efforts.

At the last minute and in the final days of the confirmation process Democrats put forth a woman who accused Kavanaugh of an unwanted sexual advance 35 years ago. The accusation was without evidence of any kind, but at the very least it was a plausible story. But once again the Democrat-controled mainstream media went into overdrive, producing more accusers, each one with less evidence than the one before but with more salacious claims. Even going so far as to claim Kavanaugh and his schoolmates orchestrated gang-rape parties on a weekly basis. Parties so heavily attended that his accuser said men would stand in line down the hall to get in on the raping that was taking place.

Of course, such an accusation was absurd given Kavanaugh’s history and past background checks, but that didn’t stop the Democrat-controlled mainstream media from telling everyone that these outrageous and near comical accusations must be believed, despite the total lack of evidence.

From CNN, to MSNBC, to the Sunday political talk shows, Democrats and their controlled media doubled down on the message that all these women must be believed immediately and without evidence. For some reason, Democrats were under the delusion that if you just say it enough times on TV, that Americans will totally forget about the notion of innocence until proven guilty. It’s one of the pillars of our judicial and legal system, yet Democrats believed if they simply used their control of the media to force their opinion down America’s collective throats, that somehow their bizarre and anti-American message would take hold.

Of course, it didn’t take hold. Kavanaugh was confirmed, the Democrats were embarrassed, and their actions caused Trump’s poll numbers and Republican enthusiasm in the midterms to skyrocket.

So while the fact that progressive elites have infiltrated and seized control of most mainstream media outlets and social media platforms is a threat to our democracy, at least they have so far proved to be so incompetent that their propaganda efforts have started to backfire right when it matters the most.

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