For a guy trying to showcase his leadership skills, Governor Cuomo sure does a lot of begging and complaining.

Tyler S. Farley

In what should now seem obvious to everyone, New York Governor Cuomo is trying to parlay the suffering of his poorly run state into a presidential bid, maybe even in 2020.

Governor Cuomo likes to portray himself as a family man, and he seems to be living up to that portrayal as he enlists his brother Fredo…I mean Chris, to help him out.

The selling of Governor Cuomo’s leadership ability started off on CNN, where his brother Chris works. CNN is running countless stories praising Governor Cuomo for his “inspiring words” and amazing leadership.

Even fellow CNN correspondents are jumping on board. Washed up hack Carl Bernstein, who does no actual reporting anymore and simply parrots what CNN tells him to, praised Cuomo for his leadership in a gushing on-air segment.

But there’s a problem with all this praise over Cuomo’s leadership skills. And I don’t just mean the fact that an entire cable news network is shilling for him. The real problem is that he’s not really leading at all.

Every morning the governor takes the stage in front of the cameras and reads from his carefully scripted speech for the day. It’s so well scripted that the Powerpoint slides have already been made to perfectly line up with each phrase the governor utters.

By itself, such careful scripting might not be that bad, but his press conferences are filled with non-stop begging and complaining. Not exactly what you would expect from a great leader.

Cuomo is constantly complaining about not getting enough materials. He complains about not getting enough funding. He complains about not getting enough ventilators. The complaints go on and on. His press conferences have simply become a list of things he’s begging for and then complaints about not getting them.

Now ask yourself, is that what a leader does? Does a great leader complain that he can’t get the materials he needs or the money he needs? Of course not.  A real leader simply goes out and gets those things done.

Not to mention, everything Cuomo begs for during his press conferences ultimately gets delivered by Trump and his task force. So Cuomo is barely doing anything other than being a giant squeaky wheel so he can take the credit for what Trump and his team delivers for New York.

None of this is lost on the left-leaning media that’s shilling for Cuomo. They know Trump looks like a better leader, that’s why they’ve been calling to have Trump’s daily briefings taken off the air.

It seems pretty obvious that Governor Cuomo is hoping to use his state’s mess as a springboard into national politics, possibly even a presidential bid. With Biden embarrassing himself on a daily basis with constant gaffes, perhaps Cuomo sees an opening. Clearly his brother and CNN got the memo because they can’t go a minute without praising him, despite the fact that his state is overrun with the coronavirus and the rest of the country is doing much better by comparison.

The saddest part about all this is that the Governor needs his state’s suffering to continue so he can stay in the public eye. Once cases decrease, he’ll be forgotten as the country moves on with restarting the economy. We can only pray that Governor Cuomo doesn’t extend this mess solely for his own political benefit. It sounds cruel, but he wouldn’t be the first politician to turn tragedy into political success.

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