The so-called “experts” have another great idea. Rolling 50 day strict lockdowns followed by 30 days of eased restrictions. In other words, they never want this to end.

Tyler S. Farley

The so-called experts are at it again. The same ones who have been wrong about virtually every aspect of the pandemic so far. From computer models that were off by a factor of 30, to telling everyone to not wear a mask only to totally reverse their decision and tell everyone to wear masks, the experts have yet another genius idea.

This time it’s alternating strict lockdowns for 50 days followed by eased restrictions for 30 days.

The study was backed by the EU and conducted by scientists from 9 countries that once again pointed to their “models” as a reason why this new strategy will work. I suppose they want you to forget that every other model every scientist has come up with turned out be wrong. So apparently being dead wrong time after time is no longer a big deal in the scientific community.

But let’s be honest, this is just another excuse to keep the shutdowns going on indefinitely with no end in site. They are realizing people are fed up with the never-ending shutdowns and no clear date to end them, so they offer this new and equally silly alternative in hopes it’s easier to stomach.

They plan on teasing people with periods of “eased restrictions” to get them through the severe lockdown period. I can already hear the submissive, Progressive media pundits berating everyone by telling them “it’s only 50 days” then they can all go back to sort-of normal again.

That will become the mantra, just like flattening the curve was the early mantra even though we all now know that was not the goal. The new mantra will be “it’s only 50 days”. Anyone who questions it will be ridiculed as impatient, and of course, uncaring of those around them.

If this is all starting to sound familiar, it’s because it is. From the start there has been nothing but shifting goalposts and computer models that are never even close to being correct. This new strategy of rolling shutdowns is just another example of that same failed thinking.

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