Through various venture capital firms, China has taken over Hollywood and intentionally destroyed iconic movie franchises.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s something I’m sure you’ve seen with your own eyes as well as heard from countless movie fans across the country. Virtually every beloved movie franchise from the last few decades has been destroyed. Not only have they been destroyed, they’ve become divisive instruments pitting people against each other.

So how did movies which were such a communal part of American culture suddenly become divisive instruments? How did something that use to bring us together now push us apart?

To answer these questions one needs to look at how Hollywood itself has changed over the last 15 years. To say it bluntly, Hollywood doesn’t actually exist anymore.

Author and critically acclaimed screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) recently said as much. During a podcast with The Daily Wire he lamented how Hollywood doesn’t even exist anymore. He said Hollywood is nothing more than shadowy venture capital firms and Marvel movies. Ellis went on to talk about the 1990’s when he had countless friends who were screenwriters. But now those people no longer have jobs and that no screenwriters even exist in the old sense. In modern Hollywood, nobody knows who writes these scripts or rewrites them at the wishes of those underwriting the production.

That’s where China comes into the picture. Through various venture capital firms and investments, the Chinese government has infiltrated Hollywood and basically turned it into a giant propaganda machine that they totally control.

People often ask why Hollywood keeps destroying these beloved and profitable franchises with “woke” politics and ideology. You would think Hollywood would simply follow the money and realize these reboots are not profitable in the long run and destroy established cash cows. But that’s exactly the point, the Chinese government doesn’t need to turn a profit on these movies. The losses are tiny and not even a rounding error in relation to the Chinese economy. For the Chinese government, the small amount they lose on destroying iconic American cultural movies is well worth it. This is why you see Hollywood rewriting franchises, and after they fail at the box office, they do it again to another franchise. They never stop to rethink their approach because the money from investors never stops flowing.

All of this was actually very easy to accomplish and most of the other players still left in Hollywood don’t even have to be in on it. They end up being unwitting partners in China’s scheme. It simply goes like this, if one entity is bankrolling new movies to be made, they get full say in what gets made and what gets approved to be made. In the parlance of Hollywood, what gets a green light. With that in mind, the wealthy Chinese backed venture capital firms bankrolling new movies simply have to reject or accept what they want. Very quickly everyone in Hollywood gets the message that only certain movies and scripts get the green light. Everything else gets rejected. So within a short period of time, the whole movie making community realizes that if they want a movie made, they need to submit a project that contains a message similar to every project they’ve seen get the green light.

Going back to what Bret Easton Ellis said, that’s why all the screenwriters have left. Because there is no creative freedom anymore. The only people left in Hollywood are those willing to feed the Chinese backers scripts and projects that they want.

So as you can see, it doesn’t have to be grand conspiracy at all. By simply controlling what gets bankrolled and what doesn’t, creators tailor their projects to meet that criteria and you end up with a Hollywood that churns out never-ending Chinese propaganda projects.

A perfect example of this is the beloved Star Wars franchise. This iconic decades-old franchise now smolders in ruin. Many long time fans have turned their backs on the franchise as “new Hollywood” has completely obliterated the core aspects of the movies that made fans fall in love with them in the first place.

From the very first movie, the Star Wars franchise was always about the master/apprentice relationship. The old masters were wise. Characters like Obe-Wan Kenobe and Master Yoda were iconic to the series and were seen as heroes.

But new Hollywood has completely flipped that aspect of the Star Wars movies. In order to fit “woke” politics,  Star Wars is now a universe where the young apprentices show-up the old, out of touch masters. Of course, this all fits with modern Progressive ideology. The problem is, that’s not what made Star Wars a fan favorite.

So you can see how Hollywood changed the very core essence of a movie franchise and destroyed an iconic cultural franchise.

All of this happened after the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney, which has extensive ties to China. Much of Disney’s growth is tied to the Chinese market, and like other companies who got in bed with China, they realized it’s similar to getting in business with the mob. You either play along or they destroy you.

There are countless examples like this where Chinese government influence has changed Hollywood movies. From the remake of the 1980’s classic Red Dawn, which was forced to remove China from the movie because the country was portrayed as the bad guy, to the movie “First Man” where the iconic American flag being planted on the moon was never shown. China has totally taken over our movie industry, and in a way, our shared culture.

Of course, the mainstream media will never report on this as they are often owned by the same giant Chinese government-controlled companies, so it’s up to Americans to reject this new form of Hollywood. Reject the propaganda and rewriting of our beloved movie franchises. For if we don’t now, those iconic movies we all grew up with may disappear forever.

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