Trump expertly baited Twitter into taking action against him. It’s a winning issue for him and Jack Dorsey and the media have fallen for it.

Tyler S. Farley

You would think that after 3 years,Trump’s enemies would realize how he always ends up winning.

Today, Twitter decided to take the unprecedented step of censoring the President of the United States. They added a disclaimer to Trump’s previous Tweets about possible voter fraud. The disclaimer provides a link to “fact check” Trump’s Tweets.

The thing is, despite this being an obvious escalation of social media manipulation and election interference by tech giants, it’s actually exactly what Trump wanted.

Trump has been baiting Twitter to take action for the last few weeks. He’s been Tweeting more often about controversial topics knowing that the army of blue-checkmark nobodies on Twitter would demand CEO Jack Dorsey take action. And right on cue, Dorsey took the bait.

There are two reasons Trump wanted this fight. First off, the social media companies have a very negative image, even among Democrats and Progressives. All Americans agree these tech giants violate our privacy and their tactics lead to dangerous echo chambers. Stories about Facebook treating their users like subjects in a psychological experiment are well known to everybody. We all know Google is listening to our conversations and reading our email. So if there is one truly bipartisan issue at the moment, it’s our collective fear that social media tech giants are getting out of control.

So as Trump always does, he picks a fight with someone that the public really doesn’t care for. It’s a fight Trump can’t lose and it invigorates his base of supporters as well as bring new centrists into the fold.

The second reason it works is because now a central topic in the news will be voter fraud. Once again, this is a successful Trump tactic. He gets the media to attack him, but they never realize they end up talking about exactly what he wants them to talk about. In a round-about way, he manipulates the media into covering exactly what he wants covered. And they fall for it every time.

Early in Trump’s presidency he used a similar tactic to get the media to cover radical Islamic terrorist attacks when the media was trying to sweep the problem under the rug. Trump Tweeted that the media never covers terrorists attacks anymore. In response, the mainstream news networks spent several days replaying all of their coverage on recent terrorist attacks around the world. What Trump effectively did is was to get the media to spend the day covering exactly what he wanted covered. It was a brilliant move, and the media was clueless.

Once again Trump is holding the winning cards. He’s stirred up a fight with a social media company nobody really likes, and he’s getting the media to talk about voter fraud for the next several days, if not weeks. It’s textbook Trump, and the TDS-suffering idiots are still totally clueless as to how they are all about to played yet again.

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