The term “new normal” is a brainwashing trick. The goal is to instill fear and desperation so that you will then accept any remedy put forward, no matter the costs.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s something we’ve heard over and over again from the mainstream media since this pandemic and subsequent shutdowns started. We’ve been told numerous times a day about a “new normal” and that life may never be the same again.

For starters, these statements are completely untrue by any scientific measure for the simple reason that the coronavirus will eventually work through the population and no longer be a threat. This is how all coronaviruses work.

If the world did nothing to contain the virus or limit it, we would be back to normal within a year’s time. Whether or not there would have been more deaths in that scenario is up for debate, but that’s actually besides the point. The point is, even if we did absolutely nothing, normal life would resume within a year as the virus ran its course.

Every mainstream scientific expert in epidemiology would tell you that herd immunity would happen within a year or so with a virus like covid-19. The death toll is unknown, it may be higher or it may be the same if we took no action. But there is no debate whether or not herd immunity would eventually render the virus a non-issue in about a year’s time.

So with this being said, why were we being constantly bombarded with the notion that things may never be the same. That the life we knew just a few months ago is now permanently relegated to our past and will no longer be possible?

The answer is simple, it was to instill fear and hopelessness into people. It was to make people feel as though their world is falling apart, slipping away from them before their very eyes. Such a scary notion makes people desperate, and when people become desperate they will accept almost anything to make themselves safe again.

This is exactly what has happened. A percentage of the American public fell for the fear mongering. They were frightened that this “new normal” of masks and gloves might be permanent, so they accepted a complete dismantling of their civil liberties in the matter of weeks. They allowed businesses to be closed with no process or explanation. They allowed themselves to be forced to stay inside their homes and even banned from attending church services under penalty of arrest. Some governors even tried to make emergency reversals of the Second Amendment and limit gun sales, which are totally unrelated to the pandemic.

The term “new normal” is a brainwashing term. It essentially suggests that if you don’t do what the government says, this current way of life which you hate will become permanent. It sets up a false choice between doing what those in authority tell you to do, or face a lifetime of social distancing and constant fear.

This was no accident on the media’s part either. They often preach how we all need to follow the science and listen to the experts. Well, the experts all agree on herd immunity and that eventually life would return to normal whether we do anything or not. So the media knew good and well that this was NOT the new normal and that eventually, one way or the other, life would return to normal. It wouldn’t take decades, it would take months, at the most it would take a year. Hardly a long time, and hardly a reason to call it a “new normal”.

So the question is, why was the mainstream media so eager to convince everyone that their way of life was changing forever. Would an honest and unbiased media really try to convince people this is the “new normal” when they very well knew even in a worst case scenario, the virus would run its course in a year or less?

The answer to that questions is simple. The current mainstream media only exists to convince the public of things that do not actually exist. Whether it be manipulated facts or outright fear mongering, the news has become nothing more than fiction.

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