Citizens have had enough of their virtue signaling local politicians and are demanding action.

There seems to be a trend among local Democratic and progressive politicians to waste their time and efforts proving how anti-Trump they are all the while their own cities that they are charged with managing are falling apart or in crippling debt.

But luckily, citizens are waking up and starting to take these politicians to task for their grandstanding about national politics while allowing their own responsibilities to go on the back burner as their own communities deal with record homelessness, drug use, and rampant wasteful spending which has left them in debt.

Let’s take Seattle for example. Long time Seattle resident Alex Berezow, who is a biomedical science fellow at the American Council on Science and Health recently penned an op-ed in the Seattle Times that says he has had enough, and has no choice but to leave his much beloved city which he has lived in for 14 years.

The op-ed went viral as it got national coverage, obviously touching a nerve and resonating with many residents feeling similar sentiments that their local governments have let them down, all while grandstanding for national issues like foreign policy and immigration, issues which they have little or no control over.

As Berezow writes in the article, homelessness didn’t even exist in the neighborhood where he lives, but now homeless camps are popping up on a daily basis, and the local police are doing nothing to control the problem.

Berezow sums it perfectly with this statement from his op-ed. You can read the full op-ed here.

“But stubborn facts and a hurting middle class don’t seem to faze the City Council, which seems far more concerned about issues over which it has zero control — such as climate change and foreign policy — than it does about issues over which it has at least a modicum of control, such as the cost of living, homelessness, crime, traffic and potholes. For our City Council, virtue signaling is more important than governing.”

But Seattle isn’t the only city where local elected officials are trying to influence national politics instead of taking care of problems in their own jurisdiction. For example, in Portland a judge recently allowed an undocumented immigrant to flee the courtroom via a backdoor when she was notified that immigration agents were on their way through the front door. All of this while Portland itself deals with record homelessness as tent cities pop up all around and threaten the safety of legal citizens.

Photo: One of the many homeless camps in Portland

In Chicago we have more of the same. Obama friend and current mayor Rahm Emanuel took the time to speak at an event and declare Chicago a “Trump free zone”.

It makes you wonder why Emanuel would be concerned with declaring his city a “Trump free zone” which has no real meaning and is just an empty statement while the Chicagoan residents he is suppose to be helping are being murdered and shot at record rates.

Chicago violence has become so bad that it’s global icon for gang violence, even those living in far corners of the globe have heard about the street violence in Chicago. Just this past weekend, over 70 people were shot. Yet, mayor Emanuel has no interest addressing those issues. Instead he would rather rally people against Trump or promise to protect illegal immigrants over legal citizens who are being terrorized on a daily basis.

But hopefully the tide is turning as we are seeing with the op-ed of Alex Berezow. A long time supporter and resident of a Democrat controlled city who has finally seen enough. He has seen enough of the failed policies meant to help the poor and minorities, but only make things worse. The failed virtue signaling which has distracted local politicians from helping their own constituents. And the out of control spending which has left cities and states in crippling debt.

One can only hope that the way Berezow’s op-ed resonated and went viral is a sign that citizens are seeing through the virtue signaling and grandstanding and now start demanding actions from their local politicians on the issues that matter to legal, law abiding citizens, not illegal immigrants and felons.



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    Yeah now he’s on the way to move to a place where he can vote for the same politics and wonder why it fails there too. Brilliant progressive enlightenment!

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