Were social media giants like Google and Facebook engaged in illegal collusion when they all banned Infowars at the same time?

One of the more bizarre aspects regarding the near internet wide banning of Infowars and Alex Jones is how virtually every platform decided to ban him at roughly the same time. So much so that Facebook made the unprecedented move of confirming the ban at 3 a.m. local time. This suggests there was some cooperation and they knew in advance when this news would break. I can’t recall a major corporation putting out a PR statement at that hour unless it was for some kind of emergency situation. Most PR statements about regular business activities are limited to business hours Monday through Friday.

So what that suggests is that there was some level of collusion between all these social media companies. In America, collusion among businesses is illegal. Normally, collusion involves price fixing, where companies secretly agree to set prices. However, colluding to “limit opportunity” is also a form of collusion under the law. And it is very possible that these social media companies conspired to limit the opportunity of another media company in Infowars.

One indicator of business collusion is information exchange. If it can be shown that these companies somehow shared information with each other about banning Infowars, it would suggest illegal collusion.

Of course, cases like this are very hard to prove. And most companies end up just settling out of court with fines when charged with collusion. So most of these cases require a whistle-blower to leak confidential communications between the companies involved. So possibly, we may see a whistle-blower from one of the these social media platforms come forward. However, that is unlikely as most of the communication probably happened at the highest level and very few lower level employees were involved.

But even more disturbing than collusion is that if these companies were not working together to ban Infowars at approximately the same time, it means they received orders from some outside entity to do so all at the same time. Just a few weeks ago Facebook officials publicly stated that they have no plans on limiting the free speech of sites like Infowars.

So here we see Facebook announcing that banning Infowars is the wrong move and not their position just a few weeks ago. Then suddenly they do a complete reversal and ban Infowars, confirming the news at 3 a.m local time.

If this was not coordinated, did all these platforms receive orders at the same time to ban Infowars? It’s hard to believe that all these separate companies decided to ban Infowars all at the same time just by coincidence. These decisions probably took a few days at least to deliberate, so all of them reaching the identical conclusion within a few hours of each other is highly suspect.

So in the end, there appears to be only two options to explain what happened to Infowars. The social media companies involved colluded with each other to enact the ban at the same time which may very well be illigal. Or the second option would be all these companies received orders at roughly the same time by some outside entity, which is even more troubling if true.

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