So what exactly is the point of FDA Approval if the vaccine makers have total legal immunity and you can’t sue the government either? It’s all just meaningless theater.

Tyler S. Farley

In news that wasn’t all that unexpected, Politico is reporting that the FDA is likely to give the current Pfizer and Moderna vaccines full approval this coming week.

The process of full FDA approval normally takes between 5-7 years to accommodate longer term studies, but like most things during the pandemic, all rules and laws have been thrown out and now government officials simply do whatever they want.

But the real issue here that nobody is talking about is how FDA approval is simply more meaningless covid theater at this point.

The government gave the vaccine makers full legal immunity when it it comes to any liability should the vaccines end up causing harm. So FDA approval or not, it doesn’t really matter from a legal standpoint. Consumers have no legal recourse anyway. In fact, you have more legal recourse buying gas-station bootleg Viagra than if you take the vaccine. Contemplate that for a moment and you’ll start to realize how absurd this all is.

Next is the government itself. In the first stimulus bill they gave themselves immunity from lawsuits regarding most covid regulations, mandates, and vaccine approval. Many states have similar laws now to prevent lawsuits and liability in pandemic related matters. So consumers can’t sue the government if they are harmed after being forced to take the “FDA Approved” vaccine.

So it’s quite obvious this is all just more covid theater to give credibility to a completely corrupt process that is slowly siphoning away what small liberties Americans have left.

As I wrote last week, the FDA approval will be the first step towards a series of mandates that force the vaccine on the remaining population who do not want it. This has both been confirmed in the Politico report and then confirmed in reporting by the New York Times.

But of course, mandating the vaccine will not be enough and the real goal is the implementation of nationwide vaccine passports. That’s the real goal here and don’t be surprised if you will have to show to your vaccine passport and ID before entering a grocery store by the end of the year.

This weekend, protests are once again flaring up in France and Australia, two countries that a further down the timeline of government overreach than here in America. Will Americans finally say enough is enough when they are forced to be vaccinated and carry identification simply to enter a store to buy bread?

Whatever the answer is, it won’t be long until we find out.