The last holdouts to globalism were always going to be Israel, the U.S., and Russia. Israel fell during the pandemic. Now the plan is to weaken Russia via Ukraine.

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the war drums are starting to pound over Russia and Ukraine.

But this all started years ago if you remember, when the establishment forces around the world painted Russia as the global villain pulling all the strings.

If you watched any newscast from 2015 on you probably think that all Russia does is hack the world and install their puppet leaders in every western government. In fact, the propaganda regarding Russia got so bad that even when globalist-aligned Democrats were caught in scandals, they blamed it on Russian hackers and so-called “troll farms” controlling Facebook posts.

It was all a prelude to what we are seeing now, where the U.S. and NATO have forced Russia’s hand on Ukraine. They knew very well that Russia would never allow Ukraine to fall to NATO control. From a strategic point of view it would be one of the biggest blunders in Russian history. Similar to if America let China gain control of Mexico or Canada. It just simply wouldn’t be allowed as the strategic ramifications are too great.

But why must Russia be drawn into a war and why are the globalists doing this?

The answer isn’t all that complicated and it comes down to the Russian people and Vladimir Putin. The Russian people and Putin would never allow the globalist tactic of open borders used to destabilize their country. Similarly, Israel was always going to be a holdout in that regard as well, for obvious reasons.

That essentially left three first world countries that were always going to be hold-outs to the globalist takeover and weaponized immigration. Israel, Russia, and the U.S.

Sadly, the pandemic caused Israel to fall desperately closer to the grasp of the globalists and I fear they will not be able to recover. Israel instituted some of the most draconian lockdowns and tracking of any country, and the people seemed to have accepted it for the most part. So the globalists believe they have Israel right where they want it.

So next is Russia and the manufactured Ukraine issue. The upcoming pseudo war will be used to sanction and deplete Russia. Weaponized mass immigration would never work to weaken and destabilize Russia, the people and leaders just won’t go for it. So sanctions and war are next up on the agenda.

That’s the whole goal of this. Nobody in the American or global community cares about Ukraine or their people. They’re just a pawn so the globalists can weaken Russia.

That of course leaves America as the last hold out, and America is holding on by a thread as well. Weaponized immigration is working its magic as we speak, with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants coming in from all over every week. Combined with a complete “woke” takeover of the military and corporate America that weakens traditional American values, the takeover is almost complete here as well.

So as you hear more about Russia in the coming days, watch how this all plays out. It’s not about protecting Ukraine, but instead weakening Russia through sanctions and never-ending conflict.


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