San Mateo County in California has a 90% vaccination rate but mandated masks last week. It doesn’t matter if you do what they ask anymore, they’ll just move the goalposts.

Tyler S. Farley

With the CDC once again reversing (is this a double reverse) and issuing guidelines that all people, vaccinated or not wear masks indoors, the truth of what’s going on couldn’t be more obvious.

That truth is that time and time again it doesn’t matter if you follow their guidelines or advice. They’ll just move the goalposts and start the whole cycle all over again.

A perfect example is San Mateo County in California. A county with a vaccination rate of 90%. A rate which according to the CDC, should provide herd immunity, or at least that’s what they told us when they were trying to get us to take the vaccine.

But last week San Mateo country reinstated their mask mandate, even before the CDC changed their guidelines today.

So what does that tell you?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that even if you do everything you’re told and you reach the goals that were set out to end covid, they’ll just move the goalposts once those targets are met and start the whole cycle over again with a new set of targets and goals.

And just in case you think San Mateo is some outlier, it’s not.

Palm Beach County in Florida tried doing the same thing. Outside of America there are other examples, like in parts of New Zealand or Australia. Places with very high vaccination compliance but are once again going into mask mandates or even lockdowns.

So if any of this wasn’t clear before, it should be impossible to ignore now. The establishment will never give back what they’ve taken and they will never allow the control they’ve gained during the pandemic to be relinquished if you continue to play along with their game.

All the goals, targets, and milestones they have put out for us to meet will simply be changed and pushed further out once met. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s not speculation, it’s what’s actually happening at this very moment all around the world.

If a 90% vaccination rate isn’t enough for local governments to give up their pandemic mandate power, then what will?

The truth is nothing will until people stop playing along. Stop playing this never-ending game where the government promises you one thing, then pulls the rug out once that goal is met.

The people have the power to make this all stop. It’s actually quite easy. It doesn’t require protesting, it doesn’t require violence. It simply requires people to stop playing along. Once you stop playing along, their power goes away.