Dr. Fauci used American taxpayer dollars to fund Chinese scientists to engineer the first ever airborne vascular disease. But somehow this pandemic is all your fault.

Tyler S. Farley

The amount of mental gymnastics surrounding the current pandemic situation is enough to give those competing at the Olympics a run for their money.

As was suspected very early on and is now being confirmed, Dr. Fauci did indeed play a role in the funding of Chinese scientists and their “gain of function” research to make certain bat viruses more deadly.

This is a confirmed fact at this point. The only defense that Dr. Fauci has against these allegations is that his funded research in China didn’t meet the exact, strict definition of “gain of function” written by his own NIH. So in other words, he played a little trick where he kept the description of his research just below the threshold of what his own agency had defined as “gain of function”.

The walls are closing in so fast on Dr. Fauci that even U.S. Senator Rand Paul has announced that he has reported Dr. Fauci to the DOJ for a criminal referral due to his lying in front of Congress regarding his involvement in gain of function research.

But sadly, it gets even worse. What Dr. Fauci was truly funding in China was the creation of the first ever airborne vascular disease.

Covid-19 is mostly a vascular disease. It inflames and damages blood vessels all over the body. This is also why most of the preexisting conditions that lead to death are also vascular in nature. Those with preexisting vascular conditions are at the greatest risk because covid-19 is in fact a vascular disease. Not only that, it’s the first ever airborne vascular disease and it was engineered to be exactly that.

The implications of this are horrifying. Dr. Fauci and his funding along with Chinese scientists invented a whole new category of disease that may now be with us forever. As Senator Rand Paul suggested, Dr. Fauci’s moral culpability here may be the likes of something never witnessed before.

But if you were to turn on the news over the past year, you wouldn’t hear any of this. Instead, you would have heard how the current pandemic is all your fault, or the fault of your neighbor for not following whatever silly rule or mandate health officials have implemented.

Whether it be the ridiculous mask mandate which even Dr. Fauci admitted in his e-mails most likely doesn’t help, or the current vaccine debate. There is one common theme during this pandemic and that theme is that it’s always your fault.

The current narrative is that the Chinese-engineered virus funded by Dr. Fauci is the fault of those who are skeptical of an unproven vaccine that has only been approved for emergency use. Go back and read that previous sentence and you’ll realize how absurd the current mainstream narrative is, but that’s what they’re trying to sell to everybody.

But how long can they keep this up? Eventually, as with all things, the people do catch on. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes years, but people eventually catch on when they’ve been lied to.

Whenever that does happen, I imagine Dr. Fauci is going to be feeling a lot more heat than he did during his congressional testimony with Senator Rand Paul.